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Competitive socialising concept ‘Swingers’- The crazy golf club to partner with Spencer Matthews’ award winning, non-alcoholic spirits brand, CleanCo

Competitive Socialising destinations, Swingers City and Swingers West End, has partnered with award winning, non-alcoholic spirits brand CleanCo, to introduce a selection of delicious and refreshing non-alcoholic cocktails for guests to enjoy at the famed crazy golf venues. This new offering is not just for dry January and will become a permanent fixture on the Swingers world class cocktail menu, reflecting increased guest demand for ‘no and low’ alcohol options.

CleanCo, founded in 2019, was inspired by celebrity founder Spencer Matthews’ discovery that there weren’t enough options in the market that could match the taste and experience of full-strength spirits in a mixed drink. Each spirit has been produced by some of the most experienced flavour experts in the world to replicate the same taste, mouthfeel and aroma as your favourite full-strength spirit in a cocktail.

The range includes a selection of non-alcoholic spirits, including a crisp and fresh botanical gin alternative (Clean G), a golden spiced Caribbean style rum (Clean R), a spiced apple flavoured vodka (Clean V) and an agave-forward take on Tequila Blanco (Clean T).

Thirsty crazy golfers can take their pick from a selection of sophisticated Clean cocktails, such as: ‘Rumour Has Is’ made with Clean R, lime juice, vanilla syrup, pomegranate basil syrup and basil leaves, ‘No Gin & Juice’ combining Clean G, lemon juice, hibiscus syrup and pineapple juice, and ‘Miami Breeze’ made with Clean T, cranberry juice, cinnamon syrup and lemon – all priced at £7.50. The CleanCo cocktails will be served at both Swingers London venues and are the perfect non-alcoholic tipple to enjoy alongside a round of crazy golf and delicious street food.

Matt Grech-Smith Co-founder and co-CEO of Swingers said: “We are delighted to be working with CleanCo, a delicious addition to our premium drinks offer. We recognise our guests’ needs and changing requirements as more people consider reducing their alcohol intake and look for delicious options for when drinking alcohol might not be on the agenda. We want to ensure that both our venues can offer the best non-alcoholic cocktails, that don’t compromise on taste, quality, or looks  – we think this new CleanCo cocktail list will be a fantastic addition to our menu.”

Spencer Matthews, CEO and Founder of CleanCo said: “The UK has seen a growing interest in health and wellness which extends beyond Dry January alone, and now more than ever, drinkers want to be able to moderate without missing out.

“At CleanCo, we want to give people more choice when it comes to how they drink their favourite drinks and our partnership with Swingers means that guests get to enjoy a full-flavour non-alcoholic cocktail without having to compromise on taste or social experience, so they can play at par.’

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