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Complete Intelligent Management – Achieving the Possible

Communication systems and the people they communicate with are the heart and brain of any business. Manage these two critical resources well and you’ve got an efficient, cost-effective, productive and happy workplace. Manage either one badly and you could be limping from one crisis to the next with an associated loss of efficiency, productivity, morale and cost.

It takes complete knowledge, a comprehensive plan, everyone knowing their part in executing the plan and a clear and straightforward system that brings it all together to manage people, time and cost to maximum advantage.

Sounds too good to be true? Judge for yourself whether or not that’s achievable having first taken a look at InteraX from Globalview Systems.

InteraX is the ultimate communications, planning, monitoring, and reporting tool. Its beauty is in its simplicity. InteraX communicates happily with two-way radio handsets so no need to carry additional hardware or devices.

Take preventative maintenance tasks, for example, InteraX will schedule essential tasks, set job lists with reminders for the staff member concerned, will monitor the completion of the job and provide a report-back capability for feedback. Planned and routine maintenance will be completed according to schedule, but if that’s not possible for any reason, the job won’t simply get ‘missed’. Using InteraX, any such issues are easily identified and re-allocated.

For reactive maintenance, it’s all about speed, the time taken to respond to the initial incident and the time taken to resolve the issue.

Close yet discreet management of any job or situation is made possible through instant messaging to individual radio handsets.

In terms of managing your resources, InteraX can help with that too by monitoring individual employee workloads and performance. By monitoring and logging the completion of scheduled checks and maintenance tasks, the system provides a full audit trail not only of the completion of work required but of the efficiency of the individual team member.

Where problems, delays or blockages are identified, additional resources can be assigned to get the job back on track or the job can be re-assigned to prevent delays and tasks backing up further down the line.

InteraX is having a plan and sticking to it.

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