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Kinnersley Kent Design redesigns one of London’s most iconic hotels – The Athenaeum Hotel & Residences

Leading British design studio Kinnersley Kent Design has completed the multi-million-pound refurbishment of one of London’s most iconic hotels – The Athenaeum Hotel & Residences – remodeling the interiors and adding new layers of warm and subtle glamour to this family-run, five-star, thoroughly-independent jewel in the heart of Mayfair.

The scope of works undertaken by Kinnersley Kent Design, one of the UK’s most established and celebrated practices, includes brand strategy, positioning and identity work – undertaken in partnership with the hotel’s owners and close-knit internal team – as well as external architectural works and a full interior architectural and design renovation, transforming the hotel’s public spaces, from the lobby, lounge and first floor meeting areas to a spectacular new bar – ‘THE BAR at The Athenaeum’ – and the elegant, day-to-night restaurant offer – ‘Galvin at The Athenaeum’.

Michelin-starred chefs The Galvin Brothers are now in charge of the full F&B offer at The Athenaeum, in an exciting partnership for both parties. The F&B offer for guests ranges from all meals and snacks from breakfast-time through to dinner, as well as afternoon tea, private dining and 24/7 in-room dining. Known for their impeccable French cuisine, acclaimed restaurateurs Chris and Jeff Galvin will be offering a modern take on classic British dishes alongside established favourites, using seasonal British flavours and home-grown produce.

Design Approach:

Speaking of the design approach to the project, Kinnersley Kent Design Partner Jill Higgins explained, ‘Above all, we were looking to open the hotel up in terms of light, space, circulation and visibility. The building’s original art deco nature has also been brought back to life by replacing the ground floor elevation with an elegant bronze façade with brass details referencing the 1930s modernist style.’

Lobby doors leading to stairs, lift and THE BAR

Brand Refresh, Positioning and Graphic Design:

Kinnersley Kent Design’s Brand Director Lindie Kramers said of the agency’s approach: ‘Our thinking was based on the brand’s core strengths – its heritage, attitude and location. Located in the heart of Mayfair, the brand is delightfully English (in all the right ways), independently-owned, with an art deco spirit. And they’ve always done things differently.’

The re-branding and positioning project included interviewing 20 key staff members to get a real insider feel for the hotel, as well as thorough research into the hotel’s great history – especially its legendary associations with the world of film. Above all, the hotel was clearly understood, both internally and externally, to be about individuals, from the staff to the high levels of tailored service, to the character of individual guests. Even Jim, the doorman, has his own blog!

‘Our repositioning strategy was based on celebrating this individuality’, Lindie Kramers explained. ‘This one-of-a-kind hotel offers a refreshing alternative for guests seeking a more personalized experience and our aim was to ensure the customer was at the heart of that proposition. This formed the foundation of our new brand ethos – ‘Stay Individual’ – which is brought to life at every touch point and across all branding materials.’

‘We like to do things differently at the Athenaeum,” commented General Manager Jeremy Hopkins.  ‘We are stylish and glamorous without pretension and our team are allowed to let their individual personalities shine through, so that the guest experience is enhanced and crafted just for them. When guests arrive we might say hello to strangers, but we say goodbye to friends.’

The work led to a re-naming of the hotel as The Athenaeum Hotel & Residences (formerly ‘& Apartments’) to stay true to the brand’s English heritage. The positioning also lay behind the offering of British classics by The Galvin Brothers on their restaurant menu for the first time. The updated identity work then led to a huge raft of graphic applications, with Kinnersley Kent Director of Graphics Kenny Sum and team overseeing the design of almost 80 individual items, from menus and coasters through to luggage tags, cocktail invitations, notepads, pencils and guest postcards.

Design Walk-through:

Exterior façade, entrance and terrace

The hotel’s external appearance has been transformed, with an entirely new ground-floor-level façade offering guests spectacular leafy views out across the Royal Green Park via new floor-to-ceiling windows. An impressive new, fully DDA-compliant main entrance has been relocated to the left of the façade, directly alongside the ‘Living Wall’ and created according to a design aesthetic of ‘authentic deco’. It therefore features classic architectural details of the era, such as stepped bronzework and geometric shapes, with a pattern overlaid on the doors, along with bespoke gilded metal inlays, featuring abstracted art deco shaping.

The Living Wall

Outside the front of the hotel, a new terrace area has been created, forming one of the very few outdoor dining areas on Piccadilly in what was a relatively low-key, but very successful, transformation of available space in the project’s earliest phase. The design team also converted an existing secondary entrance on Downs Street into a new glass box with solid doors to serve as a direct entrance for non-resident guests to the hotel’s stunning new destination bar – ‘THE BAR at The Athenaeum’.

Lobby and overall interiors palette

For the newly-remodeled, double-height lobby area – where the whole mezzanine galleried section has been squared off and pulled back to double the available space – the design team applied a playful interior architectural signature in the form of an eclectic mix of classic British furniture items, to reflect the hotel’s strong British heritage, mixed with contemporary and mid-century-modern European pieces.

Looking back at the main entrance from within the lobby

We think of it as ‘mismatching’ with an educated, curated eye’, Jill Higgins said, adding that the chosen materials palette was ‘Rich, understated, high quality, indulgent and luxurious.’

The scheme features lots of contrast and texture, with high-gloss and reeded finishes and thin and elegant metal forms set against a muted and subtle colour palette, punctuated by bright and contemporary accents. Materials include mesh-within-glass and a curated rose bronze that the Kinnersley Kent Design team created in order to get the exact look and feel required for the galleried balustrade to the mezzanine.

Marble is used to delineate circulation areas within the lobby

Stunning, open, metal screens create semi-private zoning between the open-plan lobby and restaurant space, whilst the columns, which are a strong feature of the space, are clad in a striking, narrow-reeded dark timber. The overall result is both playful and geometric, but not overly symmetrical, with the hotel’s art deco roots acknowledged but approached with a thoroughly contemporary sensibility.

Furniture in the lobby area is a carefully-chosen selection of elegant chairs in smokey grey, teal, mustard and tangerine

Furniture and fittings include two statement ‘Meshmatic Chandeliers’ by Atelier Rick Tegelaar, used here for the first time in the UK and chosen for their lightness, elegance and sense of playfulness, as well as to tie in with the metal in the overall materials palette. The space features a carefully-chosen selection of elegant chairs in smokey grey and teal velvets, with mustard and tangerine upholstery in leather and other fabrics, with all chairs chosen for their interesting tones, contrasts and juxtapositions.

The main flooring in the lobby is a dark-fumed oak with a herringbone pattern, with marble used to delineate the circulation area and stairs. The stairs have been re-clad with a polished plaster finish on the inside and marble treads, whilst the outside is clad the same way as the columns with narrow-reeded panelling.  Touches of greenery throughout to refer to the Living Wall and to Green Park and underscore the hotel’s English heritage. A new high-level hanging plant feature in the entrance space gives the meeting room a sense of being fully enclosed within the Living Wall.

Art is also a vital piece of the overall integrated scene dressing and was selected for the scheme by art consultant Robin Greene, in partnership with the hotel’s owners, to express the ‘Stay Individual’ brand ethos and to link to a number of key themes, including the hotel’s historical links to the film industry and a contemporary commitment to young British artists.

In a move to be one of the first London five-star hotels of its size to offer a personal and barrier free check-in experience via iPad and a concierge service, the modernised Athenaeum now offers a seamless welcome which flows from lobby to lounge, bar and restaurant.

Galvin at The Athenaeum

The entire ground floor has been designated as potential hospitality space, with a brand new espresso bar serving the lobby, as well as afternoon tea later in the day.

‘The food and beverage offer takes up the whole width of the right hand side of the space’, explained Jill Higgins.  ‘The new, more open restaurant space was created to be both subtle and refined, offering casual fine dining with food very much the hero. The aim is to attract both guests and local residents and business users in Mayfair, where the demographic has changed notably in the past decade, with the area attracting larger numbers of young people, a more international mix and a notable increase in high-fashion outlets and premises.’

Menu for Galvin at The Athenaeum

Kinnersley Kent Design worked both with The Athenaeum and with The Galvin Brothers on the design of the F&B spaces, as well as creating the identities and designing all brand collateral, from uniforms to tableware.

Galvin at The Athenaeum

An existing, centerpiece chandelier in the restaurant was retained because it was in great condition and, with its spare, mid-century aesthetic, fitted perfectly with the style of the new furnishings on the ground floor. The flooring in the restaurant space is white oiled oak, whilst seating is a mix of bespoke, buttoned velvet banquettes and timber, metal and leather chairs. All tables were bespoke-designed by Kinnersley Kent Design to create the optimum arrangement of tables within the space.

All art in the scheme was selected by consultant Robin Greene in partnership with the hotel’s owners

THE BAR at The Athenaeum

THE BAR at The Athenaeum is a sensual delight and a space that really comes alive at night, with a deliciously dark and tactile contemporary palette of blue-green, lemon yellow and stylish dark green suede, velvet and leather, with full-height glass walls backed by the tropical feel of the full-height ‘Living Wall’ greenery outside. Once you step inside, London’s busy Piccadilly thoroughfare feels a million miles away and there’s a sense of being in a secret, subterranean destination.

The bar is under the direction of one of the world’s leading cocktail gurus, Giancarlo Mancino, together with The Galvin Brothers

The ambience, style and vibe in the bar have been created in partnership by one of the world’s leading cocktail gurus, Giancarlo Mancino, together with The Galvin Brothers. The new bar will be a destination in its own right for those looking to discover new craft spirits, signature classic cocktails with a twist and a distinctive range of whiskies, for which the hotel has long been famous, including The Athenaeum’s own blend and pioneering craft spirits. In all an impressive 160 brands have been included in the menu, with more added when ‘discovered’.

The bar display includes the hotel’s extensive whiskey collection

‘THE BAR will be known for its new and unusual drinks menu.  Don’t expect to see Campari, Bombay or Gordons in here,’ Giancarlo Mancino said. ‘The drinks will be ‘showcased’. Theatre will be a huge part of the bar experience and all drinks will be served in elegant, classic glassware which I have especially created to enhance the flavours.’

The bar itself creates a focal point within the space, flanked by bespoke cabinets, which hold the hotel’s extensive whiskey collection as well as a curated selection of interesting artefacts, chosen by Kinnersley Kent Design. The bar’s design takes the signature use of reeded finishes to another level, via a high-gloss reeded black front with stepped brass details and a Nero Dorato marble bar-top with striking gold and white geometric veining. Back-lit glass shelves create an elegant framework for the display of Giancarlo Mancino’s bespoke glassware.

The bar itself is a focal point, flanked by bespoke cabinets

The furniture here really ups the elegance factor, with long, slim forms and plenty of sinuous metal. Stand-out pieces include a console designed by Kinnersley Kent Design to the rear of the space and rugs, bespoke-designed by Kinnersley Kent Design and manufactured by Stepevi. Seating is a carefully-chosen mix of black velvet and brass barstools, lounge chairs in butternut velvet and armchairs with a black leather exterior and saffron nubuck interior. There are sofas for more serious lounging, including velvet Chesterfields, whilst the small drinks tables feature a brass base and Nero Marquina marble tops and the larger ones a black base and Verde Guatemala marble tops. Flooring is white-oiled oak, as in the restaurant. Also at the rear of the space, a screen plays a bespoke film sequence of passionate embraces from the movies, in a reference to the hotel’s long history of links with Hollywood greats, including former guests Elizabeth Taylor, Marlon Brando, Shirley Maclaine, Cary Grant, John Wayne and Russell Crowe.

The galleried mezzanine area was squared off and pulled back to double the lobby space

The Gallery

On the first floor – glimpsed as a mezzanine from the double-height atrium, The Gallery offers an exclusive feel and two new stunning private dining rooms with amazing views onto Piccadilly and across to Green Park, as well as meeting rooms aimed at a gap in the market for those looking something more relaxed and personal.  The design feel here is informal and more domestic in scale.

Looking down at the lobby from the mezzanine area

Jeremy Hopkins, General Manager at The Athenaeum, concluded ‘We have thoroughly enjoyed revealing the new Athenaeum to guests. We’ve worked very hard with Kinnersley Kent Design to get every detail absolutely right and we knew almost immediately that they were able to share our vision for the hotel. London may well have the most diverse hotel offering in the world, but luxury hotels now have to meet the demands of today’s guests. Our guests are confident, stylish and independent and our reception mirrors their character, enabling us to meet their expectations and provide a truly individual experience.’