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Macellaio RC opens in the recent redevelopment of Union Yard Arches

The team behind Macellaio RC has announced the opening of its third restaurant in Union Street.

With hugely popular restaurants already open in South Kensington and Exmouth Market, founder Roberto Costa’s new Macellaio RC is housed in the recent redevelopment of Union Yard Arches and also introduces two exciting unique new concepts – a theatrical in-house butchery and a Ligurian bakery.

Inspired by the numerous theatres in the local area, the beef is dry-aged on site and dramatically hung behind glass; a stage extends into the restaurant between two large banquet tables, upon which the Macellaio RC team showcases the best cuts of the day.

Furthermore, a striking white marble butcher’s block is framed by dramatic curtains and sits pride of place in the ground floor dining hall, where experienced butchers and chefs prepare steaks, carpaccios, tartares, and cured meats in front of the guests.

Macellaio RC Union Street is the first restaurant from Genoa-born Roberto to feature his take on a Ligurian bakery or “Pizzeria secondo me”, where handmade dough is produced daily using just water, natural yeasts, and the highest quality Italian flour.

The menu itself features Fassona beef, which due to the hypertrophic muscle growth among the cows is extraordinarily low in fat and cholesterol as well as extremely tender. Macellaio RC chooses female animals of at least three years of age, allowing for a buttery taste and the perfect meat to fat ratio.

The dishes are then prepared simply, seasoned with rock salt and Tuscan olive oil that allow the natural flavours to take centre stage. Working only with small artisan farms in North West Italy, Macellaio RC ensures the animals are treated with the respect they deserve, making sure the animals live longer before slaughter and protecting the animals’ welfare.

According to Roberto’s ethos, the natural flavours of the authentic Italian ingredients take centre stage. Costa strongly believes that the process of maturation is also key to developing the authentic Italian flavour of the dishes at Macellaio RC, as seen with the dry-ageing of the beef (5-7 weeks), and the complex process of creating the dough (48 hours), essential to enhance the bread’s aroma and digestibility.