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New Indian Tapas restaurant, Lokhandwala, opens in Fitzrovia

From the team behind India’s biggest food festival, The Grub Fest, a new Indian tapas restaurant has now launched in London’s Fitzrovia. Both restaurant and bar combined, Lokhandwala has launched this month on Charlotte Street, serving a variety of Indian small plates using a unique mix of ingredients and spices from around the globe – and all with a healthy twist.

A range of vegan Ayurvedic shots and smoothies are on offer as palate cleansers before the meal, incorporating ingredients that have been part of Indian health and well-being regimes for centuries. Ashwagandha Indian herbal tea; Aloo Bhukhara smoothie (Indian rehydrated plums, hemp seed milk and blue poppy seeds); Ved (triphala, ginger and kokum) and Vegan green smoothie (cashew nut milk, bananas, mint, celery and nutmeg) all make up a concise menu of refreshing beverages that are the perfect start to a meal.

From the tapas menu, guests can expect a range of traditional Indian dishes such as Gujju Vaal Daal Chaat, an authentic snack of broad bean, lentils and black pulses tossed together and served with yoghurt and tamarind chutney on the side, and Lamb chops, marinated for 24 hours with spices and then cooked in a traditional tandoor. These will sit alongside more innovative and contemporary recipes including Prawns marinated with yoghurt, coriander, mint, celery and green chilli with a side of ginger pickle; and Vepudo tacos made from potato skins filled with sea bass, radishes and Andhra hot spices.

Larger dishes explore the regional cuisines seen across India, ranging from the Punjabi specialty of Paneer Makhanwala pie, to Chicken Chettinad originating from Southern Tamil Nadu. These dishes are accompanied by sides such as Lokhandwala layered roti, Tamarind rice with three chutneys and Garlic and coriander naan. Guests will also be able to indulge in desserts including Crispy naan stuffed with chilli, nuts, and salted chocolate and served with grilled marshmallows or Baked kheer brulee.

The main restaurant lies on the ground floor leading to ‘The Hot House’ cocktail bar at the rear of the building while a speakeasy is located on the first floor with a cosy outside terrace.  Created specifically for The Hot House, the unique cocktails on offer include Mor, a concoction of Ketel One Vodka infused jasmine tea, sage and white tea syrup, herbal liqueur, sweet vermouth, fresh lemon, saffron and cardamom bitters that pays homage to the peacock, a bird frequently found in Indian art, mythology, folk art and music or Holi – in celebration of the famous renowned festival of colours – made with Don Julio Tequila infused ginger, Cacao Vida mescal, Mozart white chocolate, fresh lime and cinnamon syrup.

The interiors of Lokhandwala celebrates the story of Lady Charlotte, a noblewoman from a bygone era who found the love of her life travelling through the Lokhandwala district of Mumbai. Returning to London, Lady Charlotte awaits the return of her love, Vijay, surrounding herself with objects and trinkets from her travels.  Vijay never returns and a broken-hearted Lady Charlotte distracts herself, entertaining her friends in London within food and drink from her beloved’s homeland.

93 Charlotte Street

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