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Shoryu Ramen to open in Covent Garden

The Shoryu Ramen Restaurant Group, who specialise in authentic Hakata cuisine, are to launch their sixth site in Covent Garden in Summer 2016.  The restaurant will offer their signature Hakata tonkotsu ramen, Shoryu buns and Gekkeikan Royal Warrant Sake.

The interior will be designed by Blenheim ( with features a relaxed bar area, and an intimate sake lined dining area, decorated with white tiles and brick work creating a light, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.

Launched in 2012 and owned by the Japan Centre’s CEO Tak Tokumine, Shoryu Ramen already have five sites located in Regent Street, Broadgate Circle, Soho and Kingly Court, as well as Shoryu Go, a dedicated tonkotsu ramen take-out bar on Air Street.

Tokumine says: “UK noodle culture has really become more sophisticated in recent years. As the British market has become more accustomed to noodles, we’re able to introduce very specific dishes, such as Hakata tonkotsu ramen, for those looking for the real deal. I want to make sure everyone can experience real flavours, real dishes on their doorstep. It was also important for me to create restaurants with authenticity, which is why many of the key staff are family members and are originally from Japan”.

Executive Chef, Kanji Furukawa, otherwise known as the ‘Ramen Boss’ has been working with Tokumine since Shoryu’s infancy. Acutely tuned in what makes the perfect bowl of Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen, Furukawa has created a highly crafted menu that focuses on flavours and ingredients rarely found outside of Japan.  Furukawa regularly makes trips back to Hakata to keep up with the latest trends and techniques.

As well as ramen, the Shoryu menu also includes Japanese staples such as ‘Shoryu Buns’ – similar to the now well known ‘hirata buns’.  These fluffy, steamed buns are handmade daily and Shoryu offers a selection of six fillings including char siu barbeque pork belly, soy marinated chicken karaage and grilled halloumi & shimeji mushrooms.

Another staple are ‘testunabe’ gyoza – a Hakatan version of gyoza, filled with pork and served in a sizzling tetsunabe cast-iron skillet, the only place to do so in London. Other dishes that feature on the menu are a range of tempura and sashimi.

Shoryu’s sake sommelier, Mimi Tokumine (Tokumine’s niece) is one of only a handful of sake sommeliers in Britain and helped shape the Shoryu sake offering.  Sake will feature prominently on the new Shoryu’s drinks menu and will include a large range of Japanese inspired cocktails, made with sake, whisky and umeshu such as the Yuzu Mojito – strawberries, lime, mint and sugar with white rum and yuzu citrus umeshu over crushed ice. Diners can also enjoy seasonal sake flights. Japanese beers such as Kirin, Asahi and Musashino Craft Beer will also available.

SHORYU RAMEN Covent Garden

35 Great Queen St London WC2B 5AA