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Thackeray’s shakes up the dining world with shock launch of a 5-course Honesty Menu

Celebrity chef Richard Phillips is set to reimagine the traditional culinary experience of Thackeray’s, breaking the mould most spectacularly with a five-course “Honesty” Menu. The extraordinary move will see guests indulge in an assortment of unique and awe-inspiring dishes, later paying only what they sincerely think it’s worth to them.

Open for pre-booking throughout December, this pioneering Honesty Menu is expected to stir up pundits from dining enthusiasts to restaurant reviewers and critics from all over the country. It will launch on the 14th of January and run through until March, with interested diners urged to book early and in advance, as there will only be twenty covers available each evening Tuesday to Friday.

Thackery’s Head Chef Patrick Hill has been plotting the five-course extravaganza. He explains: “This is a menu without boundaries. There are no rules and we’re going to be pulling out all the culinary stops with an experiential sensory journey. It’s a very exciting proposition for the kitchen team, all ideas are on the table. I don’t want to give away too much, nor can I since the menu will be changing every night but it’s certainly going to get people talking.”

No restaurant considered even remotely akin to Thackeray’s prestigiousness has ever done anything quite like this before. Thackeray’s co-owner and Exec Head Chef Richard Phillips explains where the idea came from:

“We really want to challenge our guests to see food in a new light. I think it will entice new diners as well as our loyal regulars to try something completely new and exciting. Our faith in our guests and confidence in our work will ultimately be the driving factors behind this refreshing venture.

“Everyone is welcome at Thackeray’s. We have created a relaxed environment where we serve exceptional food and offer incredible service with it – this will never change – but we wanted to try something truly innovative in 2020, to take away the traditional boundaries and challenge the way our guests experience food. This definitely isn’t a test – it’s a treat – we want you to pay what it is worth to you.” Says Richard Phillips.

Situated near the heart of Royal Tunbridge Wells, Thackeray’s has always striven to captivate its guests, with the upcoming Honesty Menu just the latest in a series of ground-breaking endeavours undertaken by the team. Everything about this renowned, ever-popular establishment is surprising; from the astonishingly accessible lunch menu at only £25 for 2-courses, to the centuries-old, off-kilter, almost fairy-tale style building, to its consistently alluring food offerings – there aren’t many restaurants in Kent or even the UK that have continued to lead and thrive for over eighteen years.

Thackeray’s has kept originality, creativity and provenance at the core of its Modern European culinary interpretations. Never following fads or themes, consistency has been key to the continued success and distinguished reputation of this establishment.

The Honesty Menu will be open for pre-booking, each week between Tuesday and Friday. Call 01892 511921.