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Via Carluccio’s: Real Italian food to go

Via Carluccio's

Combining simple yet delicious food with lightning quick service, Via Carluccio’s offers real Italian food to go, for people with places to go and people to see.

Via Carluccio’s is open for breakfast, coffees, lunch, afternoon pick-me-ups and everything in-between, offering delicious Italian food of the same high quality as its restaurants.

Via Carluccio’s (“Via” means street in Italian) follows Antonio Carluccio’s philosophy of using only the best ingredients to create “MOF MOF” dishes – ones that deliver with minimum of fuss and maximum of flavour. Inspired by his train travels across Italy, Antonio says: “On the platform you could buy cestino di viaggio (baskets for travelling) that featured a wonderfully simple array of fresh bread, hams, olives and cheese.”