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A breath of fresh air for helicopter travel…

Apollo air services is pioneering covid-free helicopter travel, with ground- breaking in-flight air purification 

Leading UK VIP helicopter charter company, Apollo Air Services has become the first in the UK to install Aviation Clean Air’s ionizing airborne purification units. The new technology is proven to deactivate 99.4% of airborne virus including COVID-19, meaning passengers and crew can feel safe in the knowledge that the purified air they breathe, and surfaces that they touch during the helicopter flight, are safe.

The innovative technology means that the passengers are not required to wear masks or gloves and can sit back and enjoy their flight in full comfort. The Ionization Purification System operates through the aircraft’s existing environmental control system, and uses positive and negative ions to immediately improve interior air quality, eliminate odours and kill pathogens in the air and on surfaces, wherever they live throughout the cabin and cockpit, making the air even purer and safer than in a medical environment.

Not only can Apollo guarantee pure and safe air during the flight, its fleet of modern helicopters range from 5-6-seats, and so provide an ideal means to travel in a chosen clean “bubble” of family, close friends, or colleagues. In the COVID-19 travel landscape, health and hygiene have never been more important and are now key considerations in where, and how consumers travel for leisure and for business. Helicopters offer a fast, safe and convenient way to travel from point to point, without the need to take public transport, visit busy airports or spend time in queues.  Apollo is complying with, and exceeding, UK government guidelines to support the health and welfare of its passengers and crew.

Steve Graham, Apollo Air Services;

“We’re delighted to be the first helicopter charter company to have this  ground-breaking technology on our aircraft, which will allow our clients to travel with peace of mind that they aren’t putting themselves at risk of the COVID virus.. We are seeing a growing demand for helicopter travel in the current landscape, where health and hygiene have become top priorities. Not only do helicopters provide a perfect, sealed bubble for clients to travel with close friends and family, without the need to visit busy airports and take public transport, but now we can also ensure the air they breathe whilst onboard is free of the virus.”


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