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BaxterStorey Launches Its First Vegan Outlet in University of Stirling

BaxterStorey has launched its first vegan outlet in Scotland at University of Stirling to meet the rapidly growing demand for plant-based alternatives.

With over 14,000 students enrolled at the university, a number set to increase in coming years, the outlet was designed solely by BaxterStorey.

The new vegan hot spot features an entirely plant-based menu and a multitude of café staples, including vegan carrot cake and vegan sausage rolls. The deli bar showcases authentic sandwiches: The Reuben with maple glazed tofu and veggirella and the popular BLT with vegan bacon.

The outlet boasts soup alternatives, such as cauliflower minestrone and curried yellow pea, and contemporary snacks including Perkier snack bars and lentil and hummus crisps are available. Minor Figures cold brew and banana split Rebel Kitchen dairy free mylk coffee are also on offer.

With students becoming increasingly aware of the impact left on the planet with many moving towards sustainable diets, the outlet promotes Grounds to Ground, an initiative encouraging customers to feed their garden with recycled coffee grounds, which acts as fertiliser.

With the outlet recording an increase of 237.5% in like for like sales compared to the same period last year, there are ambitions to expand the dedicated vegan outlet to other universities in the area.

BaxterStorey Managing Director, Jeremy Wood commented: “We’re delighted to be working with the University of Stirling to provide an exciting new vegan outlet for its students. BaxterStorey prides itself on being a sustainable business and with the growing trend for more plant-based options, we’re proud to be able to introduce a range of beverages and snacks, which benefits both the environment, as well as the health and wellbeing of our customers”.

General Manager, Alan Ratcliffe said: “With around 7% of the UK population now moving towards plant-based foods, we wanted to support this lifestyle choice at the University of Stirling. V-Go! has quickly caught the attention of students and staff alike and is proving to be an excellent addition to our campus offer. It’s been great to have the support of such a forward-thinking team and client to deliver this exciting new concept”.

Paula Jimenez, a 21-year-old sports science student at University of Stirling said: “The vegan café is fantastic, we’ve been waiting for a long time for an entirely vegan food place. The wide variety of lunch options means I can eat on campus and not have to go to the high street. I basically just used to eat sandwiches all day so I’m so happy. The vegan carrot cake is a definite favourite!”