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The game-changing system will help hospitality outlets save money and boost hygiene standards.

Beer Piper, the UK’s leading automated beer line cleaning company, has launched a revolutionary system to help pubs, bars and hospitality outlets save money, save waste and pull perfect pints.

The BP4 beer line cleaning system – an industry game changer –  is the first of its kind in the UK.  It ensures that beer lines are cleaned to extremely high standards at regular intervals with environmentally-friendly chemicals, something that is of utmost importance during the current climate.

As well as keeping beer lines spotless, the system allows bar managers and landlords to save waste because they can serve the beer in the lines that is normally thrown away as part of a “manual” line clean. This can lead to huge savings behind the bar.

In fact, recent research by Beer Piper found that a staggering 40 million pints of perfectly good beer are thrown out by UK pubs every year.

The high tech system links to a mobile app which can control, track and report line cleans in real time – making beer line cleaning easy, accurate and fast. The BP4 system’s cloud-based technology logs when and who cleans the lines, and allows bar managers access to real time data as and when they need it, via the web-based portal and the handy app which can be quickly downloaded onto a phone or tablet.

The portal and app also enables hospitality managers to deliver increased reportability and trackability, helping them to save money and waste. The interactive tech helps to improve accountability, which in turn makes running the bar more efficient – something that is increasingly important for the hospitality industry as a whole, especially at this time.

The system eliminates the need for time-consuming manual line cleans, meaning that staff members are free to get on with additional activities.

Jeff Singer, Commercial Manager for Beer Piper, which is based in Trafford Park, Manchester, commented: ”Beer Piper has invested considerably into the BP4 system, to ensure that the cloud-based tech and app makes life easier, more efficient and works in a smarter way for hospitality managers and owners. 

“Beer Piper systems also help bar managers reduce waste considerably, which equates to saving money – something which is crucial for the On-Trade industry at present as it picks itself back up after the Covid-19 shutdowns. 

“We work with a large number of hospitality owners and managers throughout the UK, from big chains, traditional pubs and craft beer taprooms, to restaurants, hotels and any type of venue that serves draught, and the feedback is always positive when our systems have been implemented. 

“Seaside bar The Marine Boathouse in Scarborough saved an incredible £5,000 in the first quarter after implementing the BP4 system, and trialling the mobile app too.”

Jeff Singer, Commercial Manager for Beer Piper

The app, which can be downloaded onto an Android phone or tablet and also features educational training videos, and has a troubleshooting section which means that users can identify and fix issues quickly. Additionally, larger group customers can check in to see how their public houses are doing with regards to hygiene and line cleans.

Jeff continues: “The taste and quality of beer can be hugely affected if lines are not cleaned properly, or if they are cleaned with second rate systems or products. With the craft beer boom instilling a renewed passion in the nation’s beer drinking community, and with consumers having to be very selective about where they spend their money given the recent circumstances, pulling the perfect pint, every time, has never been more important.

“Coupled with the need to ensure that hygiene standards are constantly first rate, installing a system such as the BP4 is a smart choice.”

To find out more about how Beer Piper and the new BP4 system and mobile app can save you money, save waste and make life easier behind the bar, visit to call the team on for a chat about your requirements.