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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) from hotel’s perspective

You can’t live without your phone? And your tablet is always with you on your travels? It is because you can’t imagine yourself without having access to your favourite content? You’re probably not the only one. And most likely that’s why hotels started to invest in the new trend allowing its guests to enjoy a home-like experience in their interiors.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – this term excites many guests. It means you can bring any type of smart accessory, mostly it refers to phones and tablets (at least for now), and bring it to a totally new environment, such as hotel room, but still receive similar, if not the same, experience as in your own home. For a simpler explanation we need an example. Let’s say you’re a big fan of this new Netflix series and you can’t go to bed without watching the latest episode. Unfortunately your boss sent you out on a long business trip and you dread the thought of watching it on the screen of your phone or tablet as the size matters. Luckily for you the future is here and your hotel invested in smart TVs allowing content mirroring.

What’s content mirroring? Most new generation TVs have a built in box that enables HDMI connection over WiFi. This way you can easily connect any of your smart devices to the TV and share its screen. From there it is not a long way to play Netflix on peer-to-peer basis or YouTube channels, or even browse news on bigger screen, if that’s your liking. Add to this room service and you have a movie night just like at your cosy apartment.

BYOD is an upcoming trend. But some are already saying it will be more of a requirement than a privilege. We all know that staying at the hotel stopped being just about the room or size of the bathroom. Guests expect more. So why not meet their expectations and invest in this technology now?

Hoist Group offers screen mirroring within their Fusion TV solution. It’s an interactive platform that enables connecting guest room TV sets to IP network – without any extra cabling. If you wish to see how it works, visit their stand HT 116 at Travel Technology Europe that takes place in Olympia London on 22nd & 23rd February.

For more information, visit their website