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CardsSafe – Protecting Assets

The CardsSafe® system is specifically designed to securely retain customer credit, debit and ID cards while the cardholder runs a tab or uses a service.

CardsSafe® has revolutionised the way hospitality and leisure businesses manage their assets. It protects against theft and walkouts, streamlines services and reduces losses, which means it pays for itself!

There are numerous benefits of using CardsSafe® for your business and over 5000 outlets in the UK agree!

  • CardsSafe® reduce costs and losses, makes card fraud is virtually impossible and ensures that equipment is returned
  • CardsSafe® is affordable and pays for itself! From just £9.95 (net) per unit per month + a one off admin charge.
  • CardsSafe® ensures peace of mind and protects against fraud and theft
  • CardsSafe® increases staff trust and improves the work environment
  • CardsSafe® is easy to use with minimal training and quick to install
  • CardsSafe® is PCI & GDPR Compliant to standards 9.6, 9.9, 12.2 and 12.6 and protects card data from identity fraud and theft

Please visit our website and create your own account quickly and securely.  Or for more information, please contact the CardsSafe Customer Service Team.

Phone: 0845 500 1040