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Chemex. Great products, great service, great people

When the world’s best chef’s ask for the protection of their reputation…They ask for Chemex.

Chemex offer a marketing leading service which delivers the complete solution, which includes bespoke training, site audits and reviews as well as market leading products. Our service goes well beyond the delivery of product; the Chemex proposal ensures that all of the client’s infection control requirements are managed and maintained.

Great Products

We’ve been innovating market-leading cleaning and hygiene chemicals for 30 years. Whether it’s food-grade BSEN 1276 surface sanitisers, high-level infection control, ware wash, laundry or cutting-edge biological cleaners that use nature’s technology, we’ve got the lot.

Great Service

We don’t just drop products at the doorway. The Chemex service gives you the full package; whether it’s making sure your healthcare business is Regulation  12 compliant, your food business gets five stars or simple things like making sure all your people are trained to use products safely and efficiently you can trust Chemex.

Great People

Our highly-trained experts will add value rather than cost. We know that in any process labour and time are far more expensive than chemicals so by implementing our systems and training your people we will increase efficiency and drive costs down. Our job is to make you look good in front of your customers.

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