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Courtyard at TreeHouse@51 | Negroni Fountain| £19 Unlimited Negronis

Located in the heart of London at Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Suites and Residences, TreeHouse@51 is an eclectic restaurant celebrating London’s myriad culinary influences. Within the sun dappled oasis that is Treehouse@51’s summer courtyard, surrounded by the grand buildings of the Taj @ 51 Buckingham Gate and St James Court, the Tanqueray Negroni Fountain is a must-visit to celebrate Negroni Week in style, featuring a tap that splashes premixed negronis onto its green and citrus tiles. Courtyard guests will be able to fill up their rocks glass from the fountain as many times as they like during the hour, for just £19. The stuff of dreams for cocktail lovers, the free flowing negroni fountain gives a decadent new meaning to Aperitivo hour.

St James Bar | The Passenger | £21

For those looking for a Negroni with a twist, St James Bar at Sofitel London St James has just launched its new ‘Once In A Lifetime’ menu. Featuring 16 unique takes on a classic serve, the menu has been designed to take guests on an exciting  journey of adventure, and evoke an unforgettable experience through sight, taste and smell. Inspired by the elegance and exploration of a trip on the Orient Express, The Passenger features bittersweet and fragrant aromas, combining Boatyard Double Gin & Sloe Boat Gin, Empirical Spirits The Plum, Cocchi di Torino Vermouth, Campari and Sage.


Eve Bar | Clear Negroni & Melon Bergamont Negroni | £12.50

Tucked away beneath Michelin-starred Frog by Adam Handling, lies Eve Bar, one of London’s most innovative cocktail bars. Always keen to push the boundaries with both flavours and methodology; the Eve team has created a Clear Negroni in celebration of the iconic classic. Featuring the drinks signature herbal, orange aroma, the clear negroni is an innovative twist, garnished with leftover Campari chips in keeping with Eve’s minimum waste ethos. For those looking for a slightly more fruity and fragrant take on the classic, the Melon Bergamont negroni is a delectable choice.

Clear Negroni – Tanqueray Rangpur Gin, Re-distilled Campari, Dolin Blanc Vermouth, Orange Oleo Saccharum

Melon Bergamont Negroni – Melon Gin mixed with Italicus, Martini Rubino Vermouth, Campari, Orange Bitters

TOZI Victoria | Barrel Aged Negronis | From £12

Located in the heart of Victoria, TOZI offers a menu that gives local residents and visitors alike a taste of authentic Italy. Stefano Meloni and the team at Italian restaurant and bar TOZI in Victoria have been serving barrel-aged negronis since 2016, and they continue to finesse the recipes and offering as time progresses. The current offering includes a classic, a twist with pisco and a New York take on the popular cocktail:

Forget About It – Hudson Bourbon, Montanaro Vermouth, Campari 13.00
Welcome Back – Pisco, Tozi Vermouth, Martini Rosso, Campari 12.00
Limited Edition – Professor’s Gin & Vermouth, Campari 13.50