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Enomatic – Second to None

The World Leader in wine preservation and dispensing technology, pouring over 40 million glasses of wine every year.

Advanced features and elegant design come together to provide the perfect dispensing systems for either a back bar or self-service setting. Interactive LCD touch screens, dual temperature control, and patented tapping head technology are just a few of the elements that ensure that this product stands out from the crowd.

Whether you’re a bar, restaurant, hotel, or guest house you can discover the advantages of the Enomatic wine system; as a business owner waste elimination and the ability to provide fine wines by the taste or the glass continue to increase profits – for the consumer, high-quality wines become available by the taste or the glass at affordable prices; a win-win situation.

Pure Indulgence

Quality control ensures that wines are always fresh and served at their optimum temperatures. Using Patented preservation technology and automatic self-cleaning of the pouring spout, Enomatic ensures the highest hygiene and superb wine quality.

Automation increases the speed of service, and software functionality allows you to track the wines in your system and the use and choices of your customers. With wine card services the Enomatic is a virtual sales person and responsible bartender all wrapped up in one!

“Having used the Enomatic wine dispense system at Hotel Terravina since we first opened almost 10 years ago, we find it to be extremely useful and very practical. It’s important to us to be able to serve guests a selection of fine wines by the glass, and this system affords us the confidence to serve the wines at the correct temperature whilst maintaining the integrity of the wines by preservation. The dispensers are a good business tool to control wastage, optimise efficiency and send the message to our customers that we take our wine service extremely seriously.”

– Gerard Basset, OBE, MW, MS, Hotel Terravina, New Forest, Southampton

“Enomatic is the ultimate wine service/preservation system to date, I had no hesitation when buying the Enoround Elite when opening my business and buying a further 3 Elite System after 6 months of opening, this is the ultimate tool for the enjoyment of our costumer and the team.”

– Yannick Loué, Le Vignoble, Royal William Yard, Plymouth 

“We have had an Enomatic system in our Wine Shop since we opened it in 2008. Being both a hotel-restaurant and a retail outlet, we see the benefit for both. Guests try wines just for fun, or with the idea of buying, or as part of an event. We also use it for staff training and for our own entertainment and indulgence. Enomatic themselves have always provided exemplary support. Enomatic is not the cheapest system on the market, but for us it is certainly the best.”

– John Hoskins, MW, The Old Bridge Hotel and Wine Shop, Huntingdon 

For more information please contact us via or on 01603 768046, Opt. 2.