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So, Why Eno?

Simple. Whether you’re a Bar, Restaurant, Hotel, or guest house you can discover the advantages of the Enomatic Wine system; as a business owner waste elimination and the ability to provide fine wines by the taste or the glass continue to increase profits – for the consumer, high quality wines become available by the taste or the glass at affordable prices; a win-win situation.

For anyone hearing this buzz for the first time, it’s all about preservation, eliminating waste and increasing profits. Sound good? It is.  And Simple – the State – of – the- art dispensers use patented technology and inert gas to displace the air in open bottles and preserve the wine for up to 21 days.   Automated portion-controlled pours eliminate waste and maximise profits. The wines are presented with precise temperature control, and by the virtue of preservation you’re afforded time to sell the product whilst ensuring the integrity of the wines presented.

These beautifully designed, high-spec dispensers can be used as a back-bar system, or with wine cards in an interactive self-service environment – creating a buzz and a little bit of a theatre that customers tend to get excited about, Software functionality in the card operated systems allow you to track not only all the wines in your system, but also the use of the system by customers creating valuable marketing data on an ongoing basis. Should it be necessary to limit the amount a customer can consume for any given period of time, this is also possible.  Enomatic is a virtual sales person and responsible bartender all wrapped up in one!

The benefits are many; in each setting, your business is optimised by the ability to offer a wider choice of wines and simultaneously fulfil the expectations of your savvy consumer. Seems too easy, doesn’t it, to meet the demands of the market and realise higher margins and increased profit at the same time? Add the element of wine education by hosting interactive tastings and you have combined a unique business opportunity with perpetuation of the wine culture, increasing customer knowledge – and sales!

So how does Enomatic UK distinguish itself from the competition? The philosophy is to provide a quality product, excellent in-house service, and to listen to each client’s unique requirements to ensure that their needs are met within their marketplace. Enomatic is the leader in the industry and the accolades are deserved. Quality, and dedication to design and technology development continues to significantly distance the brand from any of its competitors and gains Enomatic the respect of their peers.

Again – it’s simple – commitment by the Enomatic team translates to quality product, dedicated support, and assures the industry of a dynamic way to increase profits while growing wine culture and education.

Ultimately, Enomatic’s dedication and innovation provide the on-trade limitless ways in which to serve an ever-changing market. Developments are always underway and we have soon to be released bells and

whistles to further improve the customer experience to further expanding

interactivity for consumers, complementing this dynamic market.

Listen… can you hear that? It’s the buzz of the next big thing.

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