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What is the Fogtrap?

The Fogtrap™ Interceptor is a British designed, British manufactured mobile system that effectively intercepts and traps fat, oil and grease that would normally be discharged into the drains or sewage system.

With Fogtrap™, FOG is reliably intercepted from food preparation and pre-wash areas, mop sinks, floor drains and dishwashers well before it has chance to build up as solidified fats which might block your own drains or contaminate the main sewage system. General Health Regulations and Bylaws require all commercial and institutional food facilities to dispose of FOG properly by providing and maintaining a grease trap on the premises.

So how does this grease trap work?

The Fogtrap™ Interceptor captures the fat, oil and grease from all areas where your FOG is normally flushed into the drainage system but, unlike many other systems, with Aquarius you never need to remove the FOG or do any manual cleaning of the unit yourselves.

Since everything is taken care of for you, there’s no need to train your staff which leaves them free to carry out their normal kitchen duties without ever having to worry about or look after the unit.

We will supply, install and monitor your system, with the FOG collected and disposed of on a flexible, scheduled contract basis. Since the Fogtrap™ can be fully removed; it’s easy to clean the area around and under it every time our engineers carry out maintenance. And because we can replace your unit in a matter of minutes, with no mess or odours, maintenance can take place during your working day, without interruption to your business.

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