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FormRoom X Cole & Son

Luxury wallpaper brand Cole & Son continue their partnership with London creative design agency, FormRoom to unveil an Andalusian-inspired showroom to debut the brands new ‘Seville’ collection at Paris Déco Off 2020.

Located in the Parisian district of Rue de Seine, the vibrant pop-up took inspiration from architecture, music, flora and culture, transporting visitors from the streets of Paris to the sun-drenched, poetic gardens of Southern Spain. While speaking to the design criteria, ‘Bringing The Outdoors In’.

Taking design cues from the botanical, architectural and ceramic-inspired prints, FormRoom unveiled three sets, ‘The Garden Party, The Kitchen Garden’ and ‘Courtyard’ in the Galerie Rauchfield showroom.

Evolving upon the collection prints, we combined the Mediterranean hues of warm terracotta and vibrant blue with textures and props to translate the product into a physical showroom. The space presents Mudéjar Spanish flavours infused with Italian Renaissance to insert heritage and escapism into the guest experience.

Upon arrival, guests enter ‘The Garden Party’, a space dedicated to Spanish entertainment; hip-swivelling flamenco dancing and guitarists. A Mediterranean balcony area complete with distressed shutters, wrought iron rails and a selection of potted plants and cacti sets the tone.

The ‘Courtyard’ was built from Cole & Son’s ‘Orange Blossom’ print. Replicating the characterful design, FormRoom partnered with florist Julian Glaves to bring the pattern to life in a Bougainvillea window display. This was later titled winner of ‘Best Window Display’ by Paris Déco Off.

Together with rustic props, warm tones and a flourishing orangery bursting with fruit, we created the illusion of a kitchen courtyard to be used as a dwell area for customers to browse the collection while soaking in the sun-drenched atmosphere. A relaxing escape from the bustling historic centre of Paris.

Our production team created distressed woodworks, symbolising Seville’s artisanal heritage. Applying ageing techniques and skills joinery to add to the rustic charm of the Andalusian space.

We built a water fountain using MDF and stoned plaster to execute a provincial feature fit for a seated photo opportunity and place where visitors could watch the live performances on stage.

An impression of a traditional Spanish-style stairway was achieved with Moroccan plaster to mimic the texture and capture the warmth of Spanish exteriors.