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Head Chef-Owner of Roketsu Daisuke Hayashi Awarded The Minister’s Award for Overseas Promotion of Japanese Food from The Government of Japan

Acclaimed London restaurant, Roketsu, is delighted to announce that chef-owner Daisuke Hayashi, has been awarded The Minister’s Award for Overseas Promotion of Japanese Food from The Government of Japan.

The prestigious award is one of the most highly regarded for people promoting Japanese culture overseas.

Hayashi is one of the only masters of the Kaiseki tradition globally and the first to bring this spectacular and lesser-known form of Japanese dining to London at Roketsu which opened in December 2021.

The restaurant seats just 16 diners a night at the counter, offering a unique and exclusive dining experience in the capital.

Kaiseki dining, originally a traditional meal served to Buddhist monks at tea ceremonies, is a ten-course set menu centred around dashi (Japanese stock) and is guided by the flavours of seasonal ingredients.

The prestigious award is designated to honour those who have made an outstanding contribution to the introduction and awareness of Japanese dining, Japanese foods and other Japanese agricultural exports.

Daisuke Hayashi said;

“I am honoured to receive this very prestigious award. I owe it all to my mentor, Chef Yoshihiro Murata, who has shown me the guide of life as a chef, and to everyone who has supported me. Last December, I fulfilled my dream of having an authentic Japanese restaurant and opened Roketsu in central London. Encouraged by this award, I will continue to contribute the society through my cooking.”

Daisuke Hayashi has made it his mission to educate and promote Japanese cuisine worldwide.

In addition to opening his own restaurant Roketsu in December 2021, Hayashi has been giving lectures on Japanese food culture across schools in the UK, as well as attending multiple international receptions such as the World Economic Forum, Tokyo International Conference on African Development and Kyoto prize at Oxford to continue to amplify the promotion and appreciation of Japanese cooking.

Observing the food serves in UK schools Daisuke Hayashi said; “Recently I saw the school meals served at a local primary school and was shocked by the content. I have since started a nutrition education class at the local school, which is rich in nutrients and balance. I hope that in 10 or 20 years time, these children will spread the wonderful Japanese food culture throughout the world.”

Hayashi hopes to introduce Japanese food into school meals in the near future. Hayashi also supervises in-flight meals on Japan Airlines flights from Europe ensuring healthy Japanese food is provided to passengers on board flights, making full use of umami, the basis of Japanese cuisine.

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