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Homarium has become market leader in the Benelux in life systems for shellfish

Long time specialization in construction and filter techniques has resulted in a stable and well-built system and adapted to the present trends in design.

Hence, Homarium is also your trustworthy and stable partner for lifesystems for shellfish.

The company “Homarium” was founded in 1975 in Belgium to build  life systems for shellfish. During the years, the name of the company has even become the common word for such a life system in the leading “Van Dale” dictionary, comparable to  generic names like “Bic” , “Jeep”, “Kodak”…
Due to a chilled and filtered, closed waterciruit, the animals are stored in optimal conditions in a fresh- or seawater environment.

Not only lobsters feel  ‘at home’ in a homarium, also crab, spiny lobster and rock lobster. Even fish as trout, eel, turbot can be held in a perfect condition in a homarium.

On the continent, it is even a common tradition to pick  the lobster of your choice out of the homarium tank !

A homarium can easily be integrated in your existing interior or can be upgraded to make a perfect match.

Any conceivable form is possible, from round to curved edges, triangular, hexagonal with a built-in or remote chiller system.

A homarium is efficient , cost-effective and very easy to handle and maintain.

A daily small maintenance and an annual maintenance by our services ensures a long life.

Animation for your restaurant, fish market, supermarket… emphasizes the freshness of your crustaceans.

A wide range from standard models to custom-made.

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