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Humble Pizza by Child Studio, London

Image credit-Designed and photographed by Child Studio

Formica Group surfacing in a gorgeous dusky-pink eatery on King’s Road

A nostalgic reimagining of 1950s café design has been made possible by Formica ® laminate, which projects a beautifully cinematic look in the iconic Kings Road. ‘Humble Pizza’ is a vegan pizza eatery in Chelsea, blending in perfectly with a boutique-lined street synonymous with British fashion. The space is a muted, dusky pink – both instantly iconic and soft.

The interiors have been designed by London-based Child Studio, emulating the vintage aesthetic of workmen’s cafés that served up modest food and drink in decades past. The studio used a Formica laminate archive pattern from the 50s, which is subtle and linen-like. When this pattern executed in the dusky pink it looks fresh and up-to-date.

In the dining area, all surfaces apart the floor are a charming pink, created using Younique® by Formica Group panelling, which has been framed with cherry wood. The bespoke décor is a linen-like archive print especially done in pink.

Image credit: Designed and photographed by Child Studio

The material has also been used to cover the tops of the dining tables and service desk. The pink has been colour-matched across other materials such as the seating banquette bringing in textural contrast. Gleaming white tile floors and forest-green accent walls provide contrast, while sight lines into the kitchen have been deliberately carved out.

Image credit: Designed and photographed by Child Studio

Across the walls, pink broadsheet newspapers hang casually, and a scattering of pink ornaments decorate the shelves. Small, simple lighting coupled with a punchy neon text sign complete the space; outside, mellow pink extends to the front façade of the business.

          Image credit: Designed and photographed by Child Studio

According to Child Studio, the inspiration for the design came from Italian families who established pared-back modernist coffee bars in the West End – some of which still exist today. Little did Londoners know at the time that this was the beginning of ‘café culture’ in the UK with King’s Road at the centre of the buzz, attracting writers, musicians and artists from all backgrounds.

Image credit: Designed and photographed by Child Studio

Nina Bailey, UK Design Manager at Formica Group, said:

‘This is both a whimsical and refined use of Formica laminate – a successful expression of calming ambience combined with sophisticated textual interplay. The use of a statement colour and clear design aesthetic powerfully position the Humble Pizza brand. It’s a beautifully photogenic design scheme that will inspire diners to hurry online and share their pink moment!’

She continues;

“The use of a single tone in multiple materials is effective with the soft pink gives a calming ambience. The designers have brought in cherry wood as well forest green and white accents. This combination stops the scheme being sickly.”

                Image credit: Designed and photographed by Child Studio

Younique by Formica Group incorporates the most advanced technology to give designers complete creative freedom; any photograph, graphic motif, design or work of art can be reproduced as a high-resolution image in resistant and durable high pressure laminate. The result is an ideal material to customise interior and exterior spaces.

Image credit: Designed and photographed by Child Studio

Humble Pizza is on 342 King’s Road, Chelsea, and is open 12-10pm daily.