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Indigo Awnings – How to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

Be it a small courtyard, rear patio or large garden, it is without doubt that good use of outdoor space will enhance your sales. The ambience created by outdoor shading products, particularly giant parasols, attracts the attention of customers and dramatically increases footfall to any establishment. With a history spanning almost 30 years, Indigo has vast experience in providing products to improve any al fresco experience.

Where do I begin?

As always, the starting point is to consider what the outdoor space is to be used for; this will determine what sort of cover will be required. At this stage, it is important to enlist the services of a specialist reputable company to advise what would be best to cover the area without the threat of a hard sell.

There are dozens of shading solutions available: retractable awnings, commercial-grade parasols with heaters, and retractable roof fixed structures with the option to infill the sides are but a few. The advice received from the specialist and the subsequent end user will depend on what the area will be used for, the size of the area and, of course, the available budget.

How do I buy the most suitable product for me?

At Indigo, we believe that the best quality products will always be the cheapest in the long-run in terms of return on investment, as this will be reflected in the longevity of the product.

The importance of purchasing a full, commercial-grade product that is fit-for-purpose cannot be stressed enough; as an example, a cheap giant parasol costing a few hundred pounds would only be usable in times when there is little-to-no wind, rendering it almost useless in the ever-changing British climate and thus not a good investment.

Conversely, commercial-grade products can withstand wind speeds of up to 110 kilometres per hour, ensuring that they are suitable for virtually all year around use which will provide an excellent ROI.

How to make this product my own

In addition, and unlike their cheaper counterparts, these units can be supplied with accessories such as heating, lighting, linking gutters, and even side curtains if required, all of which will enhance the customer’s comfort and experience.

The vast majority of external products have the option of carrying branding, generally used to display the outlet’s name, a message to customers, or to advertise a product sold (usually a drinks brand). When opting for the latter branding option, it is worth approaching major suppliers to assist with purchase or sponsorship in return for placing their logo on products; most companies are very supportive of the idea to gain brand recognition.

I’ve chosen the product… Now what?

After being advised by Indigo to select the most suitable product in relation to needs and location, the next decision will be to decide how best to arrange tables and seating, followed by landscaping and planting to enhance the overall look. Once again, in addition to aesthetics and style, robustness needs to be considered for all outdoor products. Attention to detail generates interest, attracting positive reviews and further custom.

As well as creating an al fresco experience for diners and drinkers, new focal points in establishments can pave the way to offer outdoor events such as weekend barbecues, or for larger outdoor spaces, even live music festivals – newly reinvented spaces offer the opportunity to get creative.

In summary, a well-thought-out external area with the right products provides an excellent facility for customers with a great return on investment. The main thing to bear in mind is that whichever product is chosen, it must be fit-for-purpose to ultimately achieve the original aims and objectives set out.

For all your outside coverage needs, look no further than Indigo Awnings for commercial awnings and shading solutions. Call today on 01352 740164 or email