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Industville unveil their new on-trend range of lighting

Known for their popular industrial style lights, available in a variety of designs and materials, Industville have now expanded their product range even further to include a contemporary new collection that offers their Trade customers even more design choice. Their new, modern tinted glass collection is versatile, on-trend and complements their existing product range seamlessly; allowing customers to combine lights from any of their collections to create unique yet coherent design schemes in any style.


Industville are makers of handcrafted, high-quality, uniquely designed industrial style lights and furniture. Each and every one of their products is made from the highest quality materials, such as raw copper, pewter or brass, and is hand finished to ensure an authentic original quality. Marketa Rypacek, Managing Director of Industville, talks us through the beautiful new collection and offers her styling advice. “We are proud to introduce our new tinted glass collection – it is timeless, elegant and right on-trend, bringing a modern twist to our extensive lighting range in contemporary yet classic colours” says Marketa.

Pictured above: Brooklyn Tinted Smoke Grey Glass Schoolhouse 10 Inch Pendant with Pewter Holder, £119.00. Brooklyn Tinted Smoke Grey Glass Schoolhouse 5.5 Inch Wall Light with Pewter Holder, £99.00.


Hospitality Industry 
“Hotels, restaurants and bars are hugely varied areas and require a large variety of light sources to make the lighting work effectively. Give consideration to your customers lighting needs; such as ambient lighting over a table for two or LED lighting around a bar for example. Our new tinted glass pendant lights are sure to capture attention and look simply stunning when hung in a prominent position. They can be hung individually, in a simple row or even as a cluster over a bar or dining table. As well as meeting your customers needs, ensure your premises stands out from the crowd. There is nothing better than choosing an original light fitting to make your establishment interesting and fun to be in” continues Marketa. Industville’s new range of tinted glass lights are suitable for all interior styles, whether modern or traditional they have the ability to blend with any décor style. With five shapes of shade to choose from, in either smoked grey or amber tinted glass, customers can create interiors that are truly unique to their business.


Make a statement with tinted glass lighting 

“Lighting is key in any hospitality setting, it creates an impression and so it’s important to get it right. In the catering world, in addition to the taste of the dish, the eye also plays a role. The same applies to the type of lighting you choose for your business. Decorative lighting is a fundamental feature in the design of any hospitality space, because it fills the inside with shadows and shades, creating an atmosphere suitable for any environment and providing the customer with a visual, as well as tasty and satisfying experience” explains Marketa. “Lighting can also be used to make a statement in other ways too. Our new tinted glass wall lights are perfect for drawing the eye to a focal point such as a menu or wine list, piece of art or even architectural features.” she continues.

Pictured above: Brooklyn Tinted Glass Schoolhouse Wall Light – 5.5 Inch – Smoke Grey – Brass Holder, £99. Brooklyn Tinted Glass Flask Pendant – 6 Inch – Smoke Grey – Pewter Holder, £79.


Amber tinted glass lights 
The amber-coloured glass of Industville’s new tinted shade collection is extremely versatile. This welcoming, warm tone is perfect for the hospitality sector and has the ability to blend perfectly with any décor style. “If your commercial lighting needs a refresh, our tinted glass shades are the perfect way to add style to your establishment. Whether your interior theme is contemporary or classic, Industville will have the ideal shade for your business. These beautiful, tinted glass shades are available in warm Amber or luxurious Smoke Grey.” says Marketa. Industville also offer a choice of brass, copper or pewter flush mount, wall mount or pendant holder, depending upon the product, allowing complete customisation of all of their lights.

Pictured above: Swan Neck Tinted Glass Cone Wall Light – 6 Inch – Amber – Brass Holder, £89. Orlando Tinted Glass Flask Pendant – 6 Inch – Amber – Brass Holder, £79. Sleek Tinted Amber Glass Globe Pendant 9 Inch with Copper Holder, £109.00. Brooklyn Tinted Amber Glass Schoolhouse 10 Inch Pendant with Light Pewter Chain Holder, £119.00.


A new take on a popular shape 
“Our handcrafted Brooklyn Tinted Dome Glass Pendant is a classic, timeless shape that will stand the test of time. This simple shade looks particularly striking when hung in multiples of three, or five in a row. The Brooklyn Tinted Glass range is available in a flush mount, and a coordinating wall light is available too, allowing customers to create a seamless look throughout their premises with their lighting design. They look beautiful in our new Amber tinted glass and are also available in our new Smoke Grey finish. Whatever your décor style or colour preference, our dome range will suit it beautifully.” she continues.

Smoked grey glass lights 

“Glass is an old favourite that frequently features in interior design trends, but this season there’s a particular type of glass that has got us all talking. Beautiful, sophisticated, smoked glass with its subtle, understated appearance is right at the top of every designer’s ‘must-have’ list right now ” says Marketa. “Glass light fixtures will not only provide lighting to your space, but they’ll also pick up and reflect ambient lighting thanks to their transparent shiny surface. This creates the illusion of a larger area and opens up your interior; perfect for entrance areas or smaller spaces” continues Marketa.

Pictured above: Sleek Tinted Glass Flask Pendant – 6 Inch – Smoke Grey – Pewter Holder, £79 each and Urban Round Wall 31


Pictured above: Brooklyn Smoke Grey Tinted Glass Schoolhouse 5.5 Inch Wall Light with Brass Holder, £99. Urban Round Wall Mirror, 24 Inch in Brass, £169.

Plug Ins
Industville’s customers are at the heart of everything they do and their new tinted glass collection makes it easy for all customers to create a cohesive lighting scheme. It includes pendants, ceiling, and wall lights in two finishes: Amber and Smoke Grey, with easy-to-use plug in options available offering total flexibility. “Our new range of pendants and wall lights allow real flexibility which means they can be plugged in and hung from anywhere you need to accomplish your desired lighting effect. From bedside lighting in a hotel to a quirky wall feature in a bar, the possibilities are endless” explains Marketa.

Pictured above left: Brooklyn Wall Holder – Pewter – With Plug, £55, pictured with Tinted Smoke Grey Glass Flask 6 Inch, £54. Right: Brooklyn Balloon Cage Pendant 6 Inch Pewter with Plug £89.


Industville are committed to providing exceptional service and high-quality products to meet and exceed statutory regulations. Striving to increase customer satisfaction whenever possible, Industville act as a UK and worldwide trusted supplier and leading producer of high-quality lighting and furniture. All products are designed in the UK by a team of in-house product designers. 

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