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Introducing Volver, a Norwegian design studio that offers curated collections of premium rugs for private and public spaces. 

Aimed to enrich the notion of Scandinavian design with a vibrant diversity of artistic and individual expressions, Volver celebrates Norway which is famed for its breath-taking landscapes and is at the forefront of sustainable luxury and innovative design.

Founded by Ksenia Stanishevski, Creative Head of Volver, in 2018, her design objective is to bring individual artistry and creativity into a space. “Inspiring expression,” is Volver’s ethos and has been a fundamental element in Stanishevski’s work. Originally from Tallinn, Estonia, born and raised in an artist home, Ksenia Stanishevski collaborates closely with Norwegian and international artists, designers and architects.

“For me, design starts with a mindset, the exploration of a mind. It is a source of explorations, surprises, insights and has no boundaries. It is free to discover the unexpected themes and feed voracious curiosity for the boundless creativity. We are free to take on any subject at the studio, Anthropocene, urbanism, the theory of colour, history, human condition, ecology…  Each new theme is revealed to the audience in its full authenticity and hopefully provokes a thought, response and emotion.” says Ksenia Stanishevski

Creative Design Process 

Volver never gives a brief to the collaborating designers and artists. Since its establishment in 2018, Volver has 10 unique collections by various top talents, and two or three collections are added each year.

“We don’t tell designers what to do; we explore their creative world together through a dialogue and design process and realise their artistic ideas as close to the original vision as technically possible. Together, we are intensely curious and on a search towards unique designs, concepts, and technology. “   

An original idea can be presented as a concept, a hand drawing, sketches, research material, a stone sculpture, a lab sample, a piece of wood, photography, a poem, anything that inspires the expansion of the creative playground.  Ksenia supervises each project personally. The designers are encouraged to unfold their unique expression, explore the freedom of the concepts, and learn about the rug making techniques and heritage.

Custom and Bespoke 

Volver’s diverse customization and bespoke solutions, wide range of colors and finishes and short lead-time provide you with all the elements you need for an exceptional project. Volver makes wall-to-wall carpets, areal rugs, and special pieces, like wall-hangings, artistic installations, and textile art pieces.

Among the clients are The Royal House of Norway, Snøhetta, Vitra, Deichman Bjørvika Public Library, The New National Museum of Norway, The Head Quoters of Innovation Norway, The Royal Norwegian Embassies, and other residential, commercial, and official projects.


Volver respects the unique heritage and significance of a traditional rug artisanship. The company produces rugs in India and China, the world´s oldest textile hubs with generational knowledge and experience.

Volver´s designs combine the best of the traditional techniques and new approaches to material use, surface carving, color combination and texturing. Volver works very closely with artisans and textile engineers in to transfer the designers´ artistic idea as intact to a final rug, as possible. All rugs are made only in natural materials as wool and bamboo viscose and are certified Green Label Pluss and Care&Fair.

For more information, please contact the team at Houston on 020 7384 2476 or