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Introducing the innovative Hielo Wine Cooler

The Hielo® represents tableware innovation and is a hospitality must-have.

The minimal design of the Hielo® is inspired by luxury Manhattan dining – where soaring stone-and-metal skyscrapers touch the blue sky, combined with the rich tradition of Mediterranean cultivation that supplies the finest flavours to customers all over the world. The Hielo® is an elegant marriage of urban sophistication and rustic integrity and will sit perfectly on any table setting.

Making sure a bottle of wine or champagne doesn’t lose its cool is nothing new to sommeliers, front of house staff and wine connoisseurs, but maybe something that most people take for granted. The Hielo® keeps wine chilled for longer – making it less costly both to you and to the planet.

Water is essential to the hotel and tourism industry – for food preparation and presentation, and for guest comfort. Water accounts for around 10 per cent of utility bills in many hotels. Most are looking to find ways to improve on their water and energy consumption rates and improve efficiency but transforming the way we ALL make use of Planet Earth’s resources may seem like a gargantuan task.

Producing, buying and storing ice can be expensive and inconvenient for the hospitality and travel sectors and has an obvious impact on the environment. By 2050, hotels will need to reduce emissions per key by 90% to be in line with the Paris Climate Agreement. The Hielo saves 92% energy/emissions compared to a standard ice bucket.

The Hielo® only needs five ice cubes to work, creating a perfectly cool internal chamber where wine etc can rest on the tabletop and stay fresh and refrigerated, without being over chilled.

Forget conventional wine buckets and tabletop coolers filled with ice cubes, Forget expensive ice makers or freezers designated for storing pre made cubes. All a restaurant, hotel or venue needs now is the Hielo® and a very small number of ice cubes.

The Hielo®’s patented design ensures that there is no direct contact between the wine bottle and with ice or water. Bottles stay dry and drip-free – ensuring a pleasant, safe and mess-free experience, whether dining at home or in a restaurant. Say goodbye forever to soggy wine labels and dripping bottles.

With an ever-growing number of international hotel companies developing sustainability and corporate social responsibility strategies, this is the perfect time for hotels, restaurants and travel companies to embrace sustainability as part of their business model with the Hielo®.

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