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Island Poké collaborates with Rosa’s Thai Cafe for latest guest chef bowl

Grab-and-go trailblazer Island Poké is pairing up with Rosa’s Thai Cafe for the latest edition of its guest bowl series. Rosa’s Thai Cafe is known for being the home of modern Thai food based on its founder, Chef Saiphin’s, family recipes. Rosa’s Thai Red Curry & Laab Poké bowl is a celebration of one of Rosa’s Thai Cafe’s signature dishes, combined with Island Poké’s fresh take on Hawaiian-inspired poké. The Rosa’s Thai Red Curry & Laab Poké bowl is currently available on Island Poké’s menu until 29th October.

The Rosa’s Thai Red Curry & Laab Poké bowl is a creative combination of Thai and Hawaiian flavours, inspired by Rosa’s Thai Cafe’s signature Chicken and Pineapple Red Curry dish. The bowl stars Island Poké’s miso chicken with Rosa’s Thai Cafe’s red curry sauce accompanied by butternut squash laab salad, fresh herbs, pineapple salsa and edamame, served on a bed of sushi rice and topped with a prawn cracker.

The red curry paste for Rosa’s Thai Cafe’s sauce is made by a cooperative in Trang, Thailand. The fresh herbs and spices, such as lemongrass and galangal, are grown locally by the farmers, and the paste is produced to Chef Saiphin’s own recipe. The bowl also contains the restaurant’s celebrated laab salad. This light and spicy salad is eaten frequently across the North-Eastern region of Thailand and is dressed with lime juice, fish sauce, chilli powder and fresh herbs. Rosa’s Thai Red Curry & Laab Poké bowl is a fresh summer dish packed full of salty, spicy, sweet, and sour flavours.

Since launching in 2015, Island Poké has revitalized the lunch time scene with its fresh take on Hawaiian-inspired poké. Literally translated to ‘slice’ or ‘dice’, poké can be customised with a variety of toppings, making it a natural fit to host this exciting collaborative bowl. This new addition to Island Poké’s menu shows their commitment to bringing Londoner’s fresh and flavourful dishes packed with high quality ingredients.

Rosa’s Thai Cafe has cemented itself as London’s go-to destination for Thai cuisine since opening its first restaurant in Spitalfields in 2008. Husband and wife founders, Alex and Saiphin Moore, have since delighted customers with their authentic Thai flavours with a modern twist.

‘We’re completely thrilled to be working with Rosa’s Thai Cafe on this amazing bowl collaboration,’ says James Porter, founder of Island Poké, ‘It’s an honour to have Rosa’s Thai Cafe join our incredible roster of limited-edition poké bowls and the combination of Thai and Hawaiian-inspired flavours work brilliantly together, we can’t wait for our guests to try it.’

Speaking of the collaboration, Saiphin Moore says ‘I’ve really enjoyed working with Island Poké on this project, Thai Red Curry has always been one of the most popular dishes on the menu at Rosa’s, and it’s deep, spicy flavours work really well with the zesty freshness of the Laab and the soft pillow of sushi rice – for me, it’s the perfect summer lunch bowl!”

In collaboration with Rosa’s Thai Cafe, Island Poké’s limited-edition Rosa’s Thai Red Curry & Laab Poké bowl is now available at each of its seven London locations for £8.95 until 29th October.