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La Posada announces unique partnership with Forbes Travel Guide

La Posada, a Kisco Senior Living community, is delighted to announce its hospitality training partnership with Forbes Travel Guide. Associates are undergoing specialized hospitality training to assist them in providing five-star service to residents, family members and anyone who steps through the door. La Posada is the second Kisco senior living community in the country to participate in this program. To signify the completion of initial training, as well as the ongoing commitment to the Forbes’ Luxury Hospitality Standards Training Program, Forbes will present a plaque to the community on November 28 at 3:30 p.m. at La Posada (11900 Taylor Dr, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410.) The partnership helps current and future associates enhance service skills in order to elevate the resident and guest experience.

“We conduct training every day. Teams meet to discuss service standards and associates roleplay ways to handle and address situations in which they implement their learnings,” said Brad Cadiere, executive director of La Posada. “Associates feel a sense of pride and accomplishment, and residents feel like the most important part of our community as a result of this, which they are. Residents have noticed the increased focus on hospitality and have written many more feedback cards thanking us for the excellent service and care. It is amazing to take part in such an impactful initiative.”

Every current associate has undergone and will continue to participate in the training. New associates will complete a two-and-a-half-hour orientation on the training and service standards and participate in ongoing training. The integration of world-class training will sustain a culture of service excellence for years to come.

“Kisco is a pioneer in the senior living industry,” said Brian Grandbouche, senior vice president of operations for Kisco Senior Living. “We are the first senior living company to partner with Forbes Travel Guide, and The Luxury Hospitality Standards Training Program positively impacts many of the Kisco Senior Living communities. While Kisco has maintained an excellent reputation for providing quality service to seniors for more than 25 years, as we look to the future, we recognize the need to build on our already strong foundation. This program takes our service standards to the next level and empowers associates to anticipate and fulfill resident and guest needs without requiring approval or guidance from upper management. I have yet to see a senior living company take hospitality to this level.”

La Posada is the second Kisco senior living community in the nation to partner with Forbes Travel Guide. The Cardinal at North Hills, a Kisco Senior Living community located in Raleigh, was the pilot community.

“It is an honor to work with Kisco Senior Living again, this time at the La Posada community,” said Filip Boyen, CEO of Forbes Travel Guide. “Kisco is the very first in the senior living industry to do this kind of hospitality service training. La Posada’s dedication to providing service excellence to residents deserves praise, and we look forward to helping Kisco achieve their goals with our training services.”