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Let it shine with new Vicaima High Gloss

The characteristics of a High Gloss finish have long been valued by interior designers. Its ability to reflect light, the perception of luminosity and the illusion of space, all present a comfortable feeling of openness and elegance.  The latest Vicaima finish, “High Gloss”, is now available as an option across many of their popular veneered and painted door, frame and wall panel products, allowing specifiers to achieve a premium finish for interior decoration without the burden of premium cost.

Luxurious appeal is a term that best describes the new Vicaima High Gloss finish. Enhancing the natural beauty of real wood veneer or taking lacquered paint finishes to new levels of quality, are the hallmarks of this latest innovation from the Vicaima brand. Once the preserve of a select few, this new high gloss finish enables a touch of refinement to be attainable for many more applications, and all with the superior quality you would expect from a Vicaima product.

Vicaima High Gloss finish on veneered doors and panels

The new High Gloss finish can be applied to the wide range of Vicaima product components, including door and frame solutions, wardrobes and wall panels, creating sophisticated elements that connect with each other to fashion environments with character and personality.

When it comes to the requirement for high gloss on a paint finish, the array of colours is almost endless.  However to make life simple Vicaima use the  RAL Color palette, one of the most widely used universal catalogues in the world, so specifiers can easily specify the tone that best suits their desired décor.

For more information simply download a copy of the new High Gloss brochure from the Vicaima website. For other innovative designs and products from the many Vicaima collections, visit  alternatively, call 01793 532333 for assistance.