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Lifesystems for crustaceans

HOMARIUM LOGOHomarium has been a manufacturer of lifesystems for crustaceans for over 30 years and we offer a large variety.

Standard shapes or made-to-measure models for horeca and for wholesalers.

Homarium UK are the foremost supplier of lobster tanks in the United Kingdom. Homarium UK offer a unique range of lobster and shellfish display equipment to the restaurant sector and fish retailers. Widely used on the continent, these lobster tanks are now available in the United Kingdom in standard or bespoke custom designs to match your image and premises needs.

The Homarium range of lobster and shellfish displays are specifically designed for the purpose of maximum customer impact and optimum conditions for crustaceans and shellfish.

Homarium UK are based in Southampton and offer a nationwide delivery and installation service for the Homarium range of lobster and shellfish display tanks.

“We discovered these display tanks when we were in Belgium in 2002 and were immediately impressed by their appearance and clever use of technology, and extremely simple maintenance, over 5000 of these tanks are currently in use, particularly on the continent but are now becoming more and more popular in the United Kingdom”

Homarium Lobster Tanks

Homarium lobster tanks are extremely well built and finished to a higher quality than traditional aquarium fish tanks. The Homarium range of tanks use acrylic glass tanks mounted on stainless steel frames and incorporate built in refrigeration and a huge low maintenance filtration system. Eight standard designs are available in the current range, and Homarium also offer a bespoke design service

Since Homarium provide a bespoke design service as well as the standard tanks, there are lots of options available. Here are just a few examples of the kind of tanks we have set up in Restaurants and Markets for a whole range of clients across the United Kingdom.

A little lesson in history…

A homarium is a life system for shellfish. In Belgium, around 1975 a company was founded to build these life systems for shellfish. The company was named Homarium and has managed to adapt the company name to a product name (the word homarium is the main Dutch dictionary, the Dikke Van Dale).

Due to a chilled and filtered, closed water circuit, the animals are stored in optimal conditions. This is in a fresh or seawater environment. In many restaurants, fishshops and supermarkets a homarium can be found. On the continent it is a tradition that you can pick out the lobster of your choice.

Present times…

Homarium has reached the level of market leader in the Benelux in life systems for shellfish. Experience and specialisation in construction and filter techniques has resulted in a stable and well build system, adapted to the present trends in design.

The future…

Homarium wants to hold the gained leader position and will continue to innovate and specialise.
Also in the future, Homarium will be your trustworthy and stable partner.

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