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Luxury Hospitality Magazine speaks with Chef François-Laurent Apchié, about his new job role at Bagatelle London and his plans for the menu!

Firstly, massive congratulations on your new job role as Executive Chef! How excited are you about your new role at Bagatelle London?

 I am happy to join the Bagatelle family, which is a large hospitality and restaurant group boasting 15 venues across several continents with plans to open 3 to 5 destinations a year over the next five years. I am honored Chef Rocco entrusted me with this position and working alongside him will only enrich my experience.

Talk us through your journey into the industry, have you always wanted to become an Executive Chef?

I always wanted to be in the culinary world, first as a pastry chef but once I found myself in the kitchen at the age of 16 working at a classic French restaurant in the South of France, I knew I wanted to stay in the kitchen. Fast forward 15 years of working in various kitchen around Europe and here I am – I think it shows that you should never give up and that hard work always pays off.

What is the cuisine focus at Bagatelle London?

Bagatelle London is known for bringing the succulent flavours of the French Riviera to your plate. The cuisine is very much based on Mediterranean and Italian cuisine, with a lot of inspiration taken from the flavors and tradition of French cuisine. It’s a trip to the joy of life and the French Riviera. Bagatelle London offers guests the opportunity to dive deeper into the French joie de vivre and delicious gastronomy.

What are your favourite ingredients to work with and why?

My favorite ingredient to work with is marjoram, a herb native to the Mediterranean which has a lot of flavors. As well as an ingredient in food and teas, marjoram has many medicinal benefits such as helps digestion and can help reduce the effects of stress. The herb is very similar to oregano.

What are your plans for the menu?

Chef Rocco and I have imagined a menu that tastes like the sun – a love letter to the French Mediterranean. The menu is composed of several chapters:

Sur le Pouce – with several finger foods like barbajuans or fish fritters

Raw – with carpaccio of seabass or Battuta of Gamberonni and tuna tartar

Salads – with the Riviera Salad

Pasta –  Fettucine with lobster and Plin with castelmagno,

Meat  – whole farm chicken with tarragon in a salt crust cut in front of the customers

Fish – among which the whole fish of the coastal fishing cooked in the leaves of lemon tree.

We have a choice of side dishes like fregola or cime di frapp.

Additionally, we offer a choice of special dish or appetizer hunting day.

How important is using local ingredients to you?

I am passionate about paying tribute to local ingredients not only to ensure the food I serve is fresh, authentic and of the highest quality but also for environment and the health of the future to come. We at Bagatelle London have the chance to work with producers who do things very well and are as passionate as myself.

Will seasonal produce be used in creating different dishes?

Considering the seasonality of a product is a must for not only me but as well as the Bagatelle group, always striving to respect the products we work with.

Bringing attention to the seasonality of our products, is the base, our starting point when creating a dish. 

Tell us why we should book a table at Bagatelle London….. what can we expect?!

You have to come to Bagatelle London to taste Mediterranean cuisine made by a Mediterranean born chef himself ( I was born in Toulon)

As well as fine dining, the Bagatelle London boasts lively and energetic sets from renowned DJs and artists, creating an exhilarating atmosphere all put together by the Bagatelle team.

Combining creative cuisine, exceptional service and an upbeat musical program, Bagatelle London can offer you unforgettable moments in a relaxed yet refined setting.