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Luxury Soft Drink Heaven

Radnor Hills Premium Pressé range, Heartsease Farm was first introduced in 2013, with the simple quest to create an extraordinary tasting drinks range that people absolutely love!

Their philosophy was to combine the heritage of their family farm and the best available ingredients to craft these heavenly drinks! Each flavour has been worked on, tested and perfected and then blended with their natural spring water for exceptional taste and purity which makes them perfect for any luxury occasion!

The range comprises of six delicious flavours ina variety of glass and PET bottles, including an Elderflower Pressé, Traditional Lemonade, Apple & Rhubarb, Fiery Ginger Beer, British Blackcurrant Crush and a delightful Raspberry Lemonade.


Each flavour is a traditional British recipe with their own twist and reflects so well their ‘We love great flavours’ ethos!

As well as offering a non-alcoholic option for your customers, they also make fantastic mixers for a selection of cocktails!

Ensure that your soft drinks offer is up to date and on-trend with this inspiring drinks range from soft drinks masters – Radnor Hills.

Get these drinks sitting in your fridge by contacting, visit or call us on 01547 530220.