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Market-leader continues to deliver hassle-free car park solutions to hotels sector

Offering a diverse portfolio tailored to hotel car parks, ParkingEye already look after 400+ sites across the UK, equating to almost 40,000 spaces and spanning some of the biggest names in hospitality, from Crowne Plaza and Hilton to Marriott and Holiday Inn – you’re in very good company…

Whether you have issues with unauthorised users, guests not paying for overnight parking, poor space availability for genuine customers, unreliable barrier systems or find yourself under increasing pressure to generate more revenue, the ParkingEye team can help. Their hassle-free solutions use Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology to automate car park management for their customers, leaving them free to do what they do best… delighting their guests.

With many sites enjoying fee install and ANPR taking away all the usual day-to-day management hassle, it’s no wonder hotels are turning to ParkingEye to make life easier for internal teams whilst simultaneously driving up revenue and customer satisfaction to boot. Each solution is tailored to your site too, so the blend of services at one hotel may well differ from the next depending on your challenges and aspirations – no one size fits all here. Why not take a closer look at some options:

ParkingEye is a market-leader who provides a wide range of next generation ANPR, Pre-pay/on-site payment solutions and blended barrier options to ease parking pain for hotels and their guests across the UK, giving them the capabilities to work and park effortlessly in a highly connected world.