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1. Your customers love using their smartphones! And,
2. Your hotel is so cool, but it’s hard to show that online!

Give customers a hip new way to use their smartphone…
… and a new way to interact with your hotel…
…using a high resolution 3D virtual model of your hotel!

  • AT CHECK IN – Provide live guided on phone wayfinding to customer’s rooms, and all your facilities (using live view smartphone space recognition).
  • WHEN BOOKING – Give customers confidence, and show off your spaces, by letting them walk around and explore, from the comfort of their own home, at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Don’t miss out on providing your customers with what is becoming an essential part of their experience – right from their first touch point with your brand – as more and more hotels provide customers with a virtual twin of their destination.

We are here to help you, with the market leading virtual tours (not all virtual tours are created equal).

Call Iain now on 0207 100 9131, email at or visit our socials or website at

Extra features now available on top of your high resolution 3D model: Live Video Chat Guided Tours, In Tour Retail/Checkout, Lead Capture Pop Ups, Footfall Analytics, Pay Per Virtual Visit, and Virtual Staging


  • 14% Increase in bookings
  • Increased customer confidence with the most realistic representation of what your property looks like in real life
  • Lower complaints and the quick and accurate setting of customer expectations
  • 300% Increased brand engagement versus 2D imagery
  • Attraction of event and wedding planners
  • New income streams
  • Saving time explaining what your hotel is like, filtering down to qualified leads
  • Saving of advertisement budget with this new interactive asset
  • Ability to show prospective customers an area that may currently be off limits due to being occupied
  • Standing out from the crowd – the opportunity to showcase your cool spaces and overall uniqueness
  • Providing customers great orientation with a dolls house image of your whole hotel, that they can spin around and zoom in on
  • Letting customers experience all public areas of your hotel virtually, with highlight information provided, and embedded media/videos, which puts them at ease when they can see the whole hotel, and are not worried that you have something to hide
  • Customer teleportation to a specific location in the hotel (e.g. their room) via sending them a link to that exact location in the 3D model
  • Impossible birds eye view shots and super wide shot facility for tight spots available with our 3D camera
  • Other tour features such as in tour measuring, floor plans, photo highlights reel, automated tour of 3D model, custom tour menus, and in tour branding

In addition, with duplicate private 3D models of your premises, there are a number of facilities management benefits immediately derived – such as logging of maintenance/repair records to the actual item of equipment within the 3D model, for insurance records, for cleaning and service contract efficiency, for asset inventory, and for project planning purposes.


Do you know 7 top ways to maximise income generation opportunities from a virtual model of your business premises – possibly spaces that you never realised could be utilised for this?

We already create the highest quality next generation 3D virtual models for our customers.  At Pitch My Space we are now helping all types of business to create new revenue streams.  For hotels, as well as the obvious in 3D tour “click here to book prompts” that we can provide in each room, there are new innovations available as detailed below.

1).  Live salesperson in your virtual hotel
Let your salespeople have the chance to do what they are best at – with no geographic or time limitations, by providing them with a cool virtual copy of your hotel from which they can operate and converse with global guests/wedding bookings etc.

2).  Pay per visit virtual premises tours, and VIP customer virtual experience
Show your customers from all around the world where your magic happens, safely, with a pay per visit self led or guided behind the scenes business/kitchen/factory style tour of a virtual 3D model your public/non public areas.  Educate groups or individuals group about your brand/processes with virtual game features.  Provide more extras such as private virtual tastings (with samples sent by post), which can be sold as a VIP customer experience.

3).  Virtual showroom/store
Give your customers the chance to complete merchandise and partner product purchases in your own virtual shop/showroom. Give them the chance to get comfortable with your products, to get close up, even get inside your products while they meander around your virtual shop/showroom from the comfort of their own home..  A true virtual shopping experience where products in your virtual display cabinets can be clicked on, specifications viewed, added to basket and checked out all while remaining in your 3D space.

4). Virtual 3D staging enhancement on top of your existing physical space
You can opt to dress up the virtual version of your hotel with things that aren’t actually there in your real physical space to demonstrate use cases for empty meeting rooms etc.  Things such as virtual TV screens playing your promotional videos on the virtual wall, new furniture, and even giant virtual animals walking around your hotel can be included, and combined with “pop up” offers to encourage in tour lead collection/sign up to drive future sales.

5).  In 3D model tour analytics and prompts
Understand where the footfall is occurring within your virtual hotel to provide clarity on your main draws.  We can the add in tour audio or visual prompts to encourage visitors to walk virtually to the less visited areas, and to provide them with new booking/purchasing opportunities.

6).  On site augmented reality
Propel the experience of your actual physical visitor’s experience by letting them access your 3D virtual hotel on their smartphone whilst they are staying with you.  As they carry their phone around your premises, location recognition technology allows them to see the corresponding part of your 3D hotel model, which can show prompts, purchase opportunities, information, and even way finding to the gym or their room.

7).  Referral commission via 3D links to suppliers and partners products
Include live link tags within your 3D hotel to carefully selected partners/suppliers of yours, in order to receive referrals for business sent to them.  E.g. to your furniture suppliers – essentially your virtual hotel can provide benefit to your suppliers by doubling as a virtual display store if you wish – when your customers love it so much that they want to take a piece of your hotel home!