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Mobile coverage problems need NET Coverage Solutions

NET Solutions

NET_AD_PicHave you ever wondered why you, your staff and your customers sometimes struggle with mobile phone coverage inside your hotel?  A combination of construction materials and radio frequency properties conspire to prevent the signal reaching deep (or sometimes not so deep!)  inside the building.

What can you do about it? Design and install a multi-operator Distributed Antenna System and invite the operators to connect their base stations to it.

Why should you do anything about it? Not only you and your staff, but your customers will benefit from full connectivity via their mobiles.

As an approved supplier to the four UK operators (EE, Vodafone, O2 and 3) NET Coverage Solutions Ltd can survey your venue to determine existing coverage levels; design an approved and legal system that will alleviate the blackspots; liaise with the operators about joining the system; install the system;  and maintain the system once operational.