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OiLChef – The Best Deepfryer Accessory

Since 2013 OiLChef has become the World’s number one award winning eco- friendly brand within the deep-frying industry. Winning awards that have been judged by industry peers, in North America and Europe for best kitchen innovation, best product and best eco-friendly frying solution.

OiLChef is the brand of choice for professionals who are conscientious about our environment and their customers. Using OiLChef inside the oil well of your deep fryer reduces your fryer oil consumption, because you can now increase your food output from the same quantity of oil without compromising food quality. In fact, 100% of our clients not only save on oil and energy purchases but they all state that they have improved their fried food quality and cook times.

Most deep fryer operators have an oil management system, whether this is a sophisticated use of internal or external filtration systems which remove particulates from the frying oil, or the use of adding liquid or powdered chemicals to the oil in order to increase the life of the frying oil.

These systems are effective and have been proven time and again to save money. However, they do involve recurring daily or weekly costs, increased labour, and a statistical increase in risk of serious accidents, slips, and burns because of the additional interaction with hot frying oil.

The OiLChef device is a simple plug and play solution, which when installed does not have to leave your fryer for 3 years.