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With over 35 years’ experience, our customers trust us to help with their telephone systems, handsets, WiFi, IT support and guest room entertainment – providing solutions that increase efficiency, reduce running costs and, in the long run, increase profits.

Today we work with many hotel and business customers throughout the UK and parts of Europe, using the latest communications technology to help each one achieve their unique business goals.

We put technology to work in ways that deliver excellence while saving time and money, raising productivity and increasing your profits.

As an Orbiss customer, you’ll get comprehensive support from a dedicated account manager, with backup from an in-house team of customer support professionals, product development experts, professional system trainers and of course a UK-wide network of highly experienced engineers.35 years, we’ve helped hotels and businesses make their technology work harder – communicating be

In an age where technology has become an ever more important part of our hospitality experience, businesses such as hotels, restaurants, cafes and more are having to enhance their technical offering.

From providing quick and easy access to WiFi, to hotel TVs that offer all that guests can enjoy at home and more, we can help you meet your customer requirements – improving guest satisfaction whilst saving time, costs and benefitting from improved marketing possibilities.

Why is a Hotel Phone System Important?

The role of a hotel telephone system has changed dramatically since the rise of smart phone technology – with guests preferring their mobile phones over traditional hotel systems. But don’t be fooled – even though it’s no longer a direct revenue-earner, choosing the right telephone system is no less critical to your hotel’s overall success, whether it’s traditional, hosted or a cloud based solution or taking advantage of overhead savings using SIP.

Having a flexible and modern phone system is crucial to the growth of your hospitality service. This system plays a variety of roles in your hotel’s economy – from delivering outstanding guest experience, to integrating with your CRM system, it’s important that you choose the best hotel phone system to suit your individual requirements.

Bespoke Phone System Packages

Our effective hotel phone systems have a range of features to help support your business. These innovative solutions include:

  • Voice mail boxes for guests
  • Wake up calls – automated or manual
  • Check in and check out facilities
  • Conferencing calls
  • Direct and room-to-room dialling
  • CRM integration
  • Call queuing
  • Room booking/moving room features
  • Call charging and routing
  • VoIP
  • Call recording
  • Credit card integration
  • Door entry & door phones
  • Multilanguage for international guests
  • Child monitoring for families

We can create the ideal telephone network for you that incorporates as many of these features, and more, as needed.

Advantages of an Efficient Telephone System

Our innovative phone systems can benefit your business in a number of ways. By integrating with your existing CRM system, you can gain a granular overview of your guest booking information to offer unparalleled experience – greeting guests by name and utilising vital data to deliver outstanding customer service. Improving your current hotel phone system can increase productivity and reduce the time-exhaustive resources of manual tasks, saving your hotel money in the long-term.

Our intelligent phone systems support multiple members of your team – from general managers, to receptionists and housekeepers, right through to your office administrative team and event management department. Your telephone system can contain unique features that help each of these roles in their performance. Find out more by speaking to our consultants today!

Enhance Your Guest Experience

Our efficient telephone systems allow you to deliver an outstanding class of service that will leave guests delighted. Handle enquiries effectively and offer a personalised service that will stand out in your audience’s mind. The details and advanced features that our telephone systems offer will impress guests and give them a seamless experience whilst staying in your hotel.

Hotel Wifi

Deliver outstanding customer experience and improve your hotel IT infrastructure with our managed Hospitality Wifi solutions. With our reliable hotel wifi, you can cope with the demands of business operations and guest expectations – whether it’s reliable internet for streaming video or business travellers using their hotel rooms as a virtual office. Our efficient network solutions enable you to provide an excellent service that will help your hotel grow.

Expert Hotel Wifi Providers

As a business within the hospitality sector, you might have anywhere between 2 or 2000 devices connected to your network at any one time. Your wifi needs a set-up that can flexibly cope with this demand – providing a consistent service throughout. Our reliable hotel services will guarantee stability and guest satisfaction, no matter how busy your network.

Find The Perfect Hotel Wifi Solution For You

At Orbiss, we take care of the whole package — giving you secure, flexible technology that’s easy to manage. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when deciding which kind of broadband connection is right for you. We’ll talk you through three main kinds: ADSL, leased line and superfast fibre, finding the perfect solution to meet your requirements.

Hospitality Wifi Installation

Implement your new wifi infrastructure without interrupting existing business operations. At Orbiss we understand the need for business operations to run smoothly and with minimum interference to your guests’ experience. Our efficient consultants will design and install your hotel wifi seamlessly, ensuring that the impact on your business is minimised and guaranteeing a smooth transition to your new system.

Guest & Social Portals

Turn your guest wifi into a valuable marketing opportunity with our dynamic guest portal solutions. Gather a wealth of data in exchange for access to your wifi facilities and turn these insights into personalised targeted information for your customers.

What To Expect

When investing in a solution delivered by Orbiss, you can be confident that our specialist team will handle all aspects of the project efficiently. After an initial consultation our engineers will work with you to design the best hotel wifi solution for your organisation. We’ll identify unique challenges, such as obstructions to signal and coverage of all areas of your property. Following this your dedicated Account Manager will work towards a quick and effective installation and help you understand the opportunities that your new network can provide. We understand that a reliable internet connection is essential for any business, which is why our national network of trained engineers are on hand for all-year-round support.

Hotel TV Solutions

An effective Hotel TV system will allow your business to grow and deliver an outstanding guest experience that will help your organisation stand out.

From useful information such as the latest weather forecast, details of nearby restaurants, hotel services and more, to providing access to interactive entertainment, as well as social networking, catch up TV, news and music streaming apps that can be accessed through your TV just as you would through your own device – we can help you offer a more personalised, in-room experience, fully customised to your branding.

And the best part? Our chosen solutions can be managed from one, centralised location, allowing you to wave goodbye to room-by-room updates. Instead manage, maintain and update your TVs simultaneously. Are you ready to save time and effort in labour and maintenance costs?

Expert TV Management Solutions

Ensure guest comfort with our quality TV management systems. At Orbiss, we specialise in bringing guest-room entertainment to hundreds of hotels throughout the UK. Our dynamic TV solutions enable you to control multiple TVs throughout your premises from one central hub and display customised content through a friendly and intuitive user interface.

Stylish Hotel TV Displays

Our sleek hotel TV displays are supplied by industry-leading manufacturers, including Phillips and Samsung. These versatile content hubs provide slim, interactive screens that will impress your guests and provide crystal-clear visual displays.

Cross-Channel Connectivity

Our flexible technology solutions allow guests to stream their devices to TV giving them complete control over viewing behaviour. With strong connectivity, our network ensures that there won’t be any interruptions when guests are streaming or mirroring their devices – giving a seamless viewing experience.

Hotel TV Digital Signage 

Your TV screens can have other advantages – forming part of your marketing strategy and acting as crucial digital signage around your property. Display your message in style with a cost-effective form of brand communication. Schedule your displayed content to display promotional messages and features such as parking information, hotel menus and more as needed.

Lines and Calls – Connectivity

It’s likely that costs have fallen since you last signed a phone contract and that we could find you a better deal (to find out for sure we just need to see a recent phone bill). The communications market moves quickly and the best deal even a month ago could be well over the odds now. Because we manage so many business and hotel telephone systems, we’re in touch with the leading suppliers on a daily basis and therefore see all the best deals on offer at any one time. We are able to offer competitive pricing on all services including  Leased Lines, Business Broadband,  Fibre, VOIP and SIP Trunks, Analogue Lines and calls.

Could you be saving up to 87% with internet lines?

In many cases, businesses and hotels can also make dramatic savings by changing their type of phone line. Making some calls internet-based can have a huge impact on your bill – the tricky part is doing it without affecting your business. That’s where our experience comes in.

Whether you’re moving to another supplier or making the move to internet-based lines we can handle your switchover, ensuring you have a totally seamless service with no interruption to your telephone or broadband. You’ll also benefit from our UK-based support 365 days a year. There’s no passing the buck between companies – just one named contact who will handle your enquiry until it’s resolved, keeping you informed throughout and giving excellent customer service.


Let us know your wishlist and we will do our best to deliver – – 01872 561656