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Pack, Protect, Stack and Store with Caterbox – it pays to think outside the box


Caterbox specialises in the manufacture and supply of purpose-built storage boxes, box dividers and wash racks to protect glassware, chinaware, general catering equipment, engineering components and equipment. With over 27 years of experience, Caterbox is a one stop shop providing a competitively priced ‘Pack, Protect, Stack, Store, Wash & Transport’ solutions to a fast moving and highly demanding industry.

Fries Rack System Stockist and Supplier

With the introductions of the Fires Rack System in 2014. Caterbox is the UK Stockist and Supplier. The superior dishwasher rack product range comprises of 400 x 400mm Glasswasher Bar Racks, 500 x 500mm Dishwasher Racks & 600 x 400mm Conveyer Washer Racks. Catering to both glass and chinaware. The Fries Rack Systems dynamic arrangement lends itself to washing, drying, storing and transporting, with little or no need for handling its contents.

caterbox2The specific needs of the hospitality industry have been key factors in the development of these Rack System. Its advantages, much like your glasses and china, really do stack up. Whilst being very easy to stack and handle, storage space is maximised, manual activity is reduced, and breakages decline.

Up to 75% of the glasses are located in the outer compartments, unlike other racks the Fries Rack System is open at the sides, allowing water to wash and rinse the glasses at the edge of the rack as efficiently as those in the centre, providing a thorough clean and smear free finish.

Brad Simpson, Brad Simpson’s Hospitality Ltd said “These guys are great, starting using the Fries system dishwasher racks for my glasses so much easier as cuts down labour best thing I ever brought thanks again Nik and team! We will always buy from you guys”

Stream line your business the Caterbox way!

Serving the UK’s Catering & Hospitality industry for nearly three decades Caterbox has a storage solution to meet with every businesses budget and requirements. The Correx Glass Box range is more economical range suitable for storing and transporting glassware available in black and blue. The Ventilated Crate range is ideal for conveyor washing, storing and transporting glassware available in Orange, Black and Grey. Caterbox’s new Solid Container and Case range is a perfect storage solution for china and glassware available in grey with various lid and handle options. All ranges have a large selection of height options and divider combinations to ensure the maximum number of glasses or Items can be fitted into a single box with no unnecessary space taken up with oversized boxes.


caterbox5caterbox4If over 600 size options is not enough to choose from – you haven’t quite found the perfect storage solution, Caterbox offers a made to measure Bespoke Box Service to store and transport those large and awkwardly shaped items, such as chandeliers, candelabras and glass vases.

Based in Winchester, Caterbox stocks in excess of 1000 different products, each suitable for different applications and requirements. Not only various ranges of boxes, crates and racks but complimenting accessories which are necessary to make life that much easier, such as dividers, lids, handles, trolleys, dollies and even branding.

This year Caterbox has launched its NEW in-house Box Branding Service, personalising your boxes and strengthening your brand couldn’t be any easier. Whether it is to distinguish one glass type from another, promote your business or simply eliminate those instances whereby boxes go ‘walk-about’ – box branding can help your business immensely.

caterbox6Nik Vorfi, Company Director, Caterbox Ltd said “We know that presentation in this industry is the key to success.  Our products deliver a high quality wash and storage solution that you will be proud to be seen out and about with. And to top that off color coding and branding options just makes storage and washing your glass and chinaware much easier and enjoyable. The quality of our products and our customer support is second to none. We pride ourselves on delivering first class customer service and the highest quality products available.


caterbox8For more information about the Caterbox Storage Solutions or to request a brochure please visit, email or call 01962 711007.