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PORTiBAC – Sanitising Systems & Solution

PORTiBAC – Sanitising Systems & Solution are fully BS & EN certified to kill Covid-19 on surfaces at your venue. From as little as £99.00.

Using PORTiBAC will kill all variants of COVID19 on surfaces, offering the hospitality industry a safe environment for staff & customers to help return consumer confidence.  Visible, effective sanitisation is vital during the economy’s recovery phase, and methods of fogging or spray sanitisation are essential to make your environments safer. 

PORTiBAC is being used by the NHS, numerous care homes, schools, gyms hotels, bars  and restaurants with great success. We are proud to say that all of our clients venues are extremely safe environments to be in.

The new normal of ‘living with COVID’ in hospitality and travel has demanded new practices that hadn’t previously been undertaken.  The practice of ‘fogging’ or spraying large areas using PORTiBAC, to help eradicate 99.999% of viruses which could be living on a surface at your venue causing the spread of infections.

The PORTiBAC spray systems use a unique sanitising solution, ‘Made in the UK’ to British Safety Standards, that is alcohol-free and contains no chlorides or ammonium salts, ensuring it is safe to use in all environments. The viricidal solution is bactericidal and effective against common harmful pathogenic bacteria including SARS-CoV-2 e. Coli and Covid-19 to 99.999%.

An essential and effective tool in protecting and preventing the spread of pathogenic microbes, PORTiBAC joins in the battle to keep everyone healthy, especially during this current pandemic which does not seem to be going away, so we simply need to learn to live with it and do our best to keep our areas safe.

PORTiBAC Spray Systems are easy to use by existing personnel – full training can be given, or there is the option to call in  PORTiBAC’S sanitising squad who can undertake the task of fogging for you, yet we are always there to help and all equipment comes with a 12 month warranty.

Available in two different scents – fragrant cinnamon, tropical citrus there are two main fogging spray systems for the hospitality, leisure and travel trade we recommend.  800ML Spray Gun currently on offer for £99.00 use code VIP99 at checkout PORTiBAC 800ML SPRAY GUN – PORTiBac and our 10L fogging backpack is great for conference rooms to a football stadium. PORTiBAC 1500 10L BackPack – PORTiBac

For further information please e-mail- or call 03330 442 442