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Preparing Your Venues for Autumn and Winter

As summer comes to an end and leaves begin to change and fall, now is the perfect time to begin preparing your venues for Autumn and Winter.

Whether this involves weeding, mowing and redecorating gardens or decluttering your interior decor for the ultimate autumn and winter aesthetic, tidying up and planning renovations is a key part of maintaining a trendy venue.

Carrying out a spring clean can be hugely beneficial for your venue, as it will help you to attract more customers by providing an Instagram-worthy aesthetic! Let’s dive into some of the options you have to give your venue a new lease of life.

Autumn and Winter Nature Aesthetic

Adding plants and flowers both indoors and outdoors can be a smart way to brighten up your venues as the nights get longer during the winter seasons. Adding some greenery will also keep your venue feeling refreshed and connected to nature.

If you want to go one step further, you could add decorative stones and pebbles to your plant pots, a terrarium with candles inside or even in a clear vase to add a luxury aesthetic feel. Adding gravel, stones or pebbles could also give a more tropical garden feel, if this matches your aesthetic. Add these to walkways, in or around large plants or around your fireplace – the key is to ensure this is replicated across all your fireplaces or plant pots to keep the design theme consistent.

Winter Wonderland Meets Garden Pub

Many venues begin transforming their venues for a cosier garden; whether this be adding blankets and cushions to chairs, candles and flowers on each table, or ensuring there are outdoor fireplaces and heaters around your tables. Making your areas suitable for the season will help to ensure your guests are always receiving a five-star service, and of course, that they keep returning to your venue!

Implementing heating solutions such as portable heaters, mini fireplaces and blankets around each of your guests tables will ensure your guests stay snuggled up on cold winter nights, while enjoying their drinks or meals in your venues.

Lighting is an important factor to consider, too. As the autumn and winter season approaches, your outside areas will likely benefit from a little extra lighting to provide a perfect ambience for your guests. Think: winter wonderland meets garden pub – fairy lights up around roofs and door frames will create the ultimate homey, wintery vibe.

This being said, winter wind and rain can cause damage to your outside furniture, so it’s important to ensure you have preventative measures in place, like furniture covers and shelters, to ensure your venue’s furniture is well protected.

Updating Your Food and Drink Menus

Lastly, you may also wish to change your menu to provide seasonal favourites and comfort foods. Nobody wants to sit in the cold, and eating cold food won’t help! Adding heaters, as mentioned, as well as warming comforting foods will help your guests settle in nicely.

The same goes for your beverage menus. Although teas and coffees will likely be offered throughout the year, offering seasonal hot chocolates, such as a hazelnut hot chocolate with marshmallows or sprinkles, or even Irish coffees or a mulled spiced wines could be a great alternative to ensuring your guests really get into the spirit of the season.

The transition from summer to autumn and winter can sometimes feel a little dull and dreary, but it doesn’t have to be that way at your venue. Aesthetically pleasing decor and seasonal menus can make all the difference to your guests, transforming them into returning visitors.