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PureH2O- Making the difference

The PureH2O Company was established in 1991 by Roger Wiltshire. Roger wanted to help people improve their health and reduce their environmental impact by offering a safe, sustainable choice of drinking water.

Concerned by levels of contaminants and impurities in tap water, Roger introduced Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Reverse Osmosis with De-Ionisation (RODI) under-sink water purifiers to the UK as the sustainable solution to quality drinking water. Our water purifiers are so technologically advanced that they guarantee up to 99.99% water purity (depending on model chosen).

PureH2O means ‘pure water’ and that’s what our products deliver, along with peace of mind and enjoyment. Our customers comment that PureH2O tastes better than any other water and that they’ll never go back to bottled water again, thereby drastically reducing single-use plastics pollution. We estimate that PureH2O customers have saved over 6 million plastic bottles per year.


The industry’s most advanced and innovative smart bottling station sterilises and fills up to 100 bottles per hour with chilled and sparkling water.

The HydreauBar™ smart bottling station for large offices, restaurants and hotels removes the need for bottled water, lowers your carbon footprint by 95% and maximises convenience whilst reducing financial costs. Designed and manufactured in the UK for superior quality and durability.

Quatreau Touch50

The world’s most advanced tap. Touchscreen controls dispensing boiling, chilled, sparkling, hot and cold water for the workplace.

Quatreau Touch50 brings outstanding technology, style and convenience to your workplace. Our innovative touchscreen tap dispenses high volumes of boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered or pure drinking water, plus hand-hot and cold for washing and rinsing.


Pure drinking water for smaller offices, hotels and restaurants. Replaces plastic or glass bottled water for quality, convenience and reduced environmental impact.

The compact Purity Pro 30 delivers pure drinking water and replaces single-use plastic or glass bottled water to minimise environmental impact, reduce financial costs and maximise convenience. Its advanced purification system produces drinking water of exceptional quality, far purer than any bottled water.