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Reco-Air- Recirculating kitchen extract solutions

Reco-Air manufacture recirculating kitchen extract units requiring no duct route to atmosphere. Patented technology removes steam, smoke, grease and odour from canopy exhaust returning clean air. Reco has a range of models to suit all kitchen sizes & layouts and enables complete flexibility & unique opportunities to commercial kitchen operators

Reco-Air doesn’t use UV or ESP, significantly reduces fire risk, eliminates lengthy ductwork to atmosphere, reduces maintenance, simplifies planning processes and change of use and is a cost effective alternative to traditional extract to atmosphere.  Enhancing environmental credentials, reducing utility consumption and enabling kitchens to operate in previously unfeasible locations.

Ideal for all location –  high street, mixed use developments, retail, shopping malls, airports & travel hub locations, kiosks and island sites.   Reco’s patented filter technology, smart controls and self-contained system create space planning and new layout opportunities and can be retro-fitted to existing locations to enable menu expansion

Reco-Air units are UL710b listed and this globally recognized US accreditation confirms Reco-Air units meet strict NFPA fire safety regulations and are approved for use with high-risk cooking in high-risk locations.

Reco-Air can be YOUR commercial advantage!

Install your kitchen anywhere with our flexible recirculation solution with no route to atmosphere.

Recent examples of solutions provided by Reco-Air:

Itsu, Terminal 5, Heathrow – A new location identified by Heathrow for use by an F&B operator, but no route to atmosphere available. Reco-Air units installed to food preparation areas, enabling a full, new hot food offer to trade at the airport.

JD Wetherspoon, Network Rail Waverley Station, Edinburgh – Heritage Grade II listed building had no option for external extract due to strict conservation control. Reco-Air unit installed, enabling a previously unfeasible location to trade with a full, hot food menu.

INTU, Merry Hill Centre – Change of use A1 to A3 – retail to hot food. The landlord hoped to convert a vacant retail unit for use by an F&B tenant. Reco-Air unit installed enabling ground floor unit with no route to atmosphere to operate a full commercial kitchen with hot food offer.

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