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Reducing Covid risk in hospitality

Specialist indoor air quality advisers, Plain Air, say hotels, bars and restaurants which install purifiers are helping to protect their customers from coronavirus and future-proof their businesses.

The Devon-based company says combining purification with a thoughtful ventilation policy helps protect guests and staff alike and save money through reduced heating costs.

The Managing Director of Plain Air, John Wilton-Davies, says: “Correctly specified purifiers will remove airborne virus, along with other typical pollutants and odours.  Ordinarily, they are an extremely cost-effective marketing tool. In the age of Covid, they also become a cost-saving measure through reducing the amount of external air required for safe ventilation – air, which outside of the summer months, requires heating.

Air purification will further reduce the reasonable ‘fallow’ time you leave each room empty between bookings, giving scope for additional bookings.”

Recommended purifiers are quiet, attractive and require no installation.  Despite becoming more common in the USA and Asia, in the UK hotels with purifiers are still rare and can be presented to guests as an upgrade, with establishments often charging a premium rate for treated bedrooms.

He adds: “A complete installation typically costs a few hundred pounds a room, has low running costs, significantly reduces heating costs and can add immeasurably to the confidence and safety of potential guests.”