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Retain payment or ID cards and be PCI and GDPR compliant whilst increasing profits

When a vendor retains a credit card or debit card, or indeed handing over his or her ID card as security against running a tab or renting sporting or other equipment, there is always some uncertainty about the safety of the card whilst out of the customers’ possession.

CardsSafe® eliminates the need to worry about any loss or theft as it is the simplest and most efficient way to ensure the card’s safety from potential misuse.

The CardsSafe® system has now become the “best practice” way of handling credit and debit cards in the hospitality and leisure industries.  More than eighty thousand boxes are in use every day and hundreds more are added every week.

Customers who share their experience with our staff report these benefits:

  • Chargeback drops by more than ninety percent (90%)
  • Walkouts are reduced by at least fifty percent (50%)
  • Tab mistakes drop significantly and finally,
  • There is a major uptick in sales

If you are concerned about how CardsSafe works within the PCI scheme, Alan Gill from the independent PCI certifying company Orthus Limited states: “The PCI DSS standard encompassed 264 controls. CardsSafe helps to reduce the need to meet all of these through ‘compensating controls’ which allow businesses to comply to the standard without having to change the way they operate”. In addition to the commercial benefits the CardsSafe® solution therefore helps merchants become PCI compliant, which truly gives peace of mind for all!

To order, please contact CardsSafe Limited on either of:

Phone: 0845 5001040