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Safer covid-supressed hospitality venues for guests and staff

Eradicating 99.9% of airborne and surface standing Covid 19

Killing bacteria moulds, fungi and pollen

Extinguishing odours

The Covid 19 pandemic has introduced a new fundamental criteria influencing consumer choice of hospitality venue. Health and wellbeing is now at the forefront of people’s minds. Hospitality operators that are taking decisive action to create safer cleaner environments for guest can create significant competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Moreover, organisations that go the extra mile to safeguard the health and wellbeing of their staff will not only attract and retain valued team members, but will protect their business by reducing sickness absence.

Surface Air Technologies Ltd is a specialist provider of solutions to suppress airborne and surface standing pathogens such as the Covid 19 virus in hotels, restaurants, bars and leisure facilities. Working with some of the world’s most advanced engineering solutions, root in NASA–developed technology, virus, bacteria, moulds, ozone and other potentially hazardous pollutants are destroyed at first contact.

Wall mounted and floor standing units are available, providing the maximum flexibility and convenience, with a range of sizes of models to match any room size, from smaller office or bedroom spaces, to larger restaurant, banqueting and leisure areas.

All products are ‘plug-and-play’ meaning they are easy to locate and install, quickly getting to work on cleaning your air space and keeping guests and staff safer.

A range of surface santisation equipment compliments air purification solutions. From the VIOA compact counter-top device to sanitise small objects such as phone, keys, glasses, key cards and stationery, to larger object sanitising solutions such as BENCH and WALLBOX by EFSEN,  these solutions provide design-led aesthetics with super pathogen – destroying efficiency for the hospitality sector.

You can see some of these outstanding technologies and talk to the team by visiting the SURFACE AIR stand T819 at the Hotel Restaurants and Catering 2022 Show at London ExCel from the 21st -23rd March 2022.

Alternatively you can email