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Sevenrooms keeps U.K. restaurant operators ahead of the curve on guest experience & technology

SevenRooms, the all-in-one reservation, seating and guest management platform, is empowering U.K. restaurant operators to own direct relationships with their guests, giving them the tools they need to fill their seats for less, increase profitability, and understand their guests on a personal level.

With several notable U.K. operators joining SevenRooms over the past 12 months, the company is gaining momentum with a 230% increase in the number of reservations booked through the SevenRooms platform year over year.

SevenRooms has restaurant, hotel and nightlife clients in more than 100 cities worldwide, including: Corbin & King, JKS Restaurants, Inception Group, Jumeirah Group, Standard Hotels, Zuma, TAO Group, Bagatelle, and Altamarea Group.

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