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St James Bar launches ‘Once in a lifetime’ menu

St James Bar at Sofitel London St James is delighted to announce the launch of a new menu, ‘Once In A Lifetime’, launching in early September.

Inspired by the incredible experiences that often appear on bucket lists, this experiential concept delivers, in cocktail form, some of the most thrilling
adventures and breathtakingly spectacular locations around the world.

The creation of the new menu has been a truly collaborative team process, led by the bar’s award-winning Head Bartender, Angelo Sparvoli. Having earned his stripes under some of the world’s finest bartenders, like Erik Lorincz at the American Bar and Kwānt, he is now bringing his expertise to St
James Bar, leading a new generation of bar talent in London.

Each one of the sixteen cocktails that appear in Once In A Lifetime is a unique take on a classic serve. All presented in refined glassware, the clean but striking drinks are as fun as they are complex; whilst some dazzle with theatrics and playful garnishes others focus on intriguing flavour combinations and intricate techniques. Practises such as fermentation, clarification and fat-washing are used, as well as sous-vide, nitro-infusion and carbonation methods, to produce some of the exciting concoctions. The creativity exhibited within each drink is as unbridled as its subject matter and guaranteed to captivate even the ultimate cocktail aficionado.

From driving a Formula One car and climbing Mount Everest, to riding a hot air balloon or traveling on the Orient Express, the new menu will take guests on an inspiring journey of adventure and natural wonder. Each cocktail is created with ingredients designed to evoke an experience through sight, taste and smell. For example, Green Lights draws on Nordic Aquavit, pine needles and crisp clean lemon to recreate the experience of lying on snow, watching the Northern Lights. Meanwhile, Javari comprises Canaima gin, made with Amazonian botanicals, and a red amaranth garnish, as well as cocoa, yerba mate, soapbark and timur pepper, which combine to create the native humid aromas that we’d imagine inhaling when exploring the Amazon rainforest.

As always with St James Bar, the guests’ full experience, from sitting down to receiving their drink is at the forefront and excellent service is as important as innovative drinks. Additional examples from the menu include:

Cocchi Extra Dry vermouth, umeshu, shiso, Roku gin, peach bitters – £18

Moon Shadow
Bulleit bourbon whiskey, fig, Barbeito dry madeira, sherry & acacia honey gastrique, lemon
foam – £21

Into the Wild
Discarded banana peel rum, Fernet Branca menta, Leonor palo cortado, cold brew coffee,
muscovado, coconut – £20

Green Lights
Tanqueray No Ten gin, Aquavit, lemon oleo, pine needle & lemon sorbet – £20

Canaima gin, EVE fig leaf liqueur, Electric bitters, citrus, timur pepper, cocoa, yerba mate
soda, soapbark – £20

Discarded grape skin vodka, Amaro Santoni, orange oleo, Franklin & Sons soda water, Moët
& Chandon brut champagne -£22

The menu itself will showcase eye-catchingly beautiful illustrations of each tipple, by the artist Simon Grant. The designs emulate a 1930s industrial travel poster style, combining a strong graphic design element and a freehand painted feel.

Situated in heart of London, on the corner of Pall Mall and Waterloo Place, St James Bar is tucked into the depths of Sofitel London St James, giving the bar a luxuriously clandestine feel. Curved plush velvet seating in opulent jewel shades complements brass accents, while a striking marble-topped bar with colourful rows of bottled handmade tinctures, bitters and liqueurs is the room’s centrepiece. The interior design also subtly combines French and English themes to match the hotel’s blend of French and local culture.

Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday: 5pm to midnight, Sunday: 3pm- 11.30pm
Closed on Wednesdays
6 Waterloo Place,
London, SW1Y 4AN