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Styling pubs, bars and restaurants for summer

With summer here and hotter than ever, the hospitality industry has seen a rise in activities, visits to local pubs and bars, and restaurants, whether it’s a breakfast, dinner or bottomless brunch trip.

Bar, pub and restaurant owners are focusing on creating a luxurious and welcoming feel for guests, while still providing an exclusive one of a kind experience and standing out from competitors.

However, whether your focus is on decor, artwork or bespoke themed walls, styling your venues is a must as guests are always looking for an ‘Instagrammable’ spot to hang. Plus, interior and exterior styling is an extension and representation of your branding and core messaging.

Styling your venue’s interior and exterior can both consist of similar aspects, whether it is adding flowers, lighting, centrepieces, you can find chic ways to elevate your aesthetic in a cost-effective manner.

 One styling aspect that works for both exterior and interior styling is adding stones and pebbles to the mix. Whether you want to integrate these in centrepieces or within your walkways, this could set you aside from the crowd.

For example, there are a range of decorative stones and pebbles to choose from at Stones 4 Gardens. Whether you are looking for white stones, black stones, or even multicoloured stones to suit your themes, you can take a look at the following options to add a personal touch to your venues.

Adding plants and flower arrangements is also a great way to add a nature feel while keeping your goal aesthetic. Alternatively, you can even add fish tanks! This is another unique way of adding a natural and personalised feel to your venue, while the pebbles and reefs in the tank can also bring a touch of colour, too.

Let’s not forget lighting. Lighting matters, seriously. There are many venues in the UK that make walking to the bathroom, or even reading the menu difficult due to how dimmed it is. For a cosy and luxurious feel, dimmed lights are always a good idea, but candles or an integrated lamp on the table could also bring a vintage look to your restaurant, bar or pub while also making seeing, an easy task for visitors.

Focusing on the intricate details can make a massive difference in comfortability and trendiness of your venue, so make sure that you have your themes and inspirations at hand. Whether you are going for subtle colours or a detailed and eye-catching design, these ideas can bring your bars, restaurants and pubs to life.