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The Best Floral Displays for A Festive Foyer

Creating a warm and welcoming entrance hall is essential for any hotelier, especially around the festive season. As the weather outside gets cooler, the interior design must reflect the cosy, homely feel that’s commonly associated with Christmas, and introducing impressive floral displays is a great way to do this.

The entrance and lobby of your hotel is your first opportunity to stun your guests, so creating the right atmosphere with your floral display and foliage is key. That’s why we’ve analysed the current and upcoming interior decor trends to help you give your foyer that compelling festive feel.

  1. Pomander Balls

Pomander balls or kissing balls lend themselves well to many hotel lobbies as they can be hoisted from the ceiling, used as centrepieces or displayed on a stand. These decorative spheres look great from all angles, and they will provide a striking effect to any hotel visitors.

Opt for lush green foliage and festive florals such as red roses, white chrysanthemums, or poinsettias when constructing your pomander balls and hang them from the ceiling or light fixtures for a dramatic effect.

  1. Christmas Cacti Centerpieces

A cactus might not be your first choice for a Christmas floral display, however, as the name suggests Christmas Cacti bloom just in time for the holiday season, making them the perfect addition to any entranceway.

Their rich pink hues make excellent focal points for table centrepieces and they’re a trendy alternative to traditional Christmas flowers like poinsettias.

  1. Frosted Florals 

White will always be on-trend at Christmas as it reflects the icy temperatures and snowy atmosphere outside. Opting for all-white floral displays helps to create a whimsical atmosphere that will take your guests’ breath away; just like the chilly air outdoors.

We recommend opting for white roses, baby’s breath and white cyclamen flowers when creating your Christmas bouquets to add a touch of elegance to your hotel foyer.

Top tip: Spray flowers with snow spray for an added chilling effect.

  1. Peacock Blue Garlands

Forget about gold, red and silver; blue is set to be the colour of the moment this festive season. Peacock blue might seem like an unusual option for a Christmas garland, but this striking colour is sure to catch attention when used in the right way.

Some of the peacock blue flowers you can choose from includes blue delphiniums, gentians and orchids. These can be intertwined in a rich green garland and draped over a fireplace or reception desk to provide a warm welcome to hotel guests.

  1. Rustic Wreaths 

The natural, stripped-back look is a great way of creating a cosy atmosphere at Christmas, and it’s a trend that many people incorporate into their own homes at this time of year.

You can give your wreaths a rustic effect by staying away from bold colours such as reds and blues, and sticking to muted colours such as creams, oranges and dark greens. We also recommend using branches and pinecones in your wreaths to add to this rural effect.

Some of the flowers you can use include golden yarrows, white globe thistles and daisies to make your wreath look as pastoral as possible.

This article was written by Dorothy Edgar on behalf of Excelsior Wholesale. Excelsior Wholesale provides wholesale supplies artificial flowers, glassware and other decorative accessories to florists, interior designers and businesses across the UK.