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The direct mail company that wants their customers to send less post!, the personalised direct mail people, have launched an easy to use data cleaning service to help their customers improve the quality of their data and save money on wasted mailings.

Sam Heaton, CEO of said “We are excited to launch this new service which will save our customers money and give them even better ROI and opening rates on their campaigns by suppressing undeliverable recipients in their data.”

Customers simply click on the ambulance icon next to a recipient group they want to check, and the system will report back undeliverable recipients in three categories;

  • Deceased; the recipient has been registered as deceased
  • Gone Away; the recipient has moved house.
  • MPS registered; the recipient has registered with the Mail Preference Service.

Customers can then choose to supress recipients in any or all of these categories before sending their campaign.

Sam Heaton “We’ve deliberately priced this service so that removing these recipients is cheaper than just sending the undeliverable mail; reducing waste and allowing us to offer a better service to both our customers and their intended recipients.

Whilst GDPR doesn’t apply to direct mail, using this service helps our customers meet their data management requirements by keeping their data up to date.”

As email opening rates continue to fall many companies are turning to direct mail as an effective alternative for contacting customers old and new. 77.8%** of addressed mail is opened and is revisited an average of 4.2 times.

For more details about this new service visit the Stannp website:

For more information about please contact Rob Lott, Marketing Manager on or 01271 320860.